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Nerf on Shadow. Geminus Stepping Strikes v1.139


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So Shadow. Geminus has been undergoing a nerf bat beating for the last few updates, which we can all agree was strongly required....this time, the nerf was on Stepping Strikes. After I played Shadow. Geminus with the new nerf (because I wasn't sure what was meant by internal cooldown) I found that Stepping Strikes now only works on every OTHER attack. Now after getting owned by Shadow. Geminus before because I couldn't click on the guy due to Stepping Strikes, this is a welcoming sight...however, for anyone who wants to play Shadow. Geminus, is Stepping Strikes really useful anymore? My personal opinion: the skill is finally balanced. Why? 1. Although it no longer repositions Shadow at a ridiculous pace, it is still considerable and helps in chasing down enemies. Furthermore, it does still provide that weapon range boost and movement speed boost which may not be too obvious, but still plays a role. 2. Casters can now actually have a chance at hitting Shadow (I remember playing as Rancor, knowing that if I just got the snipe and flare gun off, the Shadow would be dead, but I could not click the guy) 3. The rest of his abilities are still powerful, even after the nerfs (two seconds of no sight is still a lot in AoS....). What I want to know....what is everyone else's opinion?

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