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Casual player? Need a team? No time for practice?

Making casual team for tourney - if I turn up.




  • Not be on the AoS staff
  • Have at least 1 warning point on the forums
  • Be a good laugh


  1. No trolling during the tournament. Of course feel free to troll before and after the tournament.
  2. No gamethrowing.
  3. Must have Mumble (preferably a Mic too)
  4. Must average approximately 100 APM in AoS games.
  5. Must listen to calls by the captain during games - failure to do so will lead to swearing.

Post applications in this layout:


Bnet Name:


Character Code:

Heroes played:

Preferred role:



If you need a team, and our first team is full, you can post your name here and I will list you as a free agent.



Skydie - Imperial Overlord

Taxhaven - Accountant






Mentor: Mus [Leader of IAOSI]





From a short term break, Team Troll rises from the ashes. After winning the January 2013 Daggoth Games Tournament the great members of Team Troll decided to vow to never play again - for fear of ruining the AoS community due to their 1337ness. Skydie after laying dormant for almost an aeon, makes the bold decision to train 4 clearly inferior teammates to final victory.


Previous roster:


Team Troll:


Skydie (Captain - Diety of Trollin)

Mus (Vice-Captain Counter-Maths Squad + Troller in Chief)

Hugz (Best Erekul in EU)





- (Potentially Diipa)

- (Poentially Diipa's mum - depends on her schedule)

- Brew (if Diipa dies)








Shard (very vocal about this dream team)

Analog (cool guy)

Rohtube (SEA represent)



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