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Faster game speed - preface vote to go to fast


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I would like to start off by saying I love the new faster game speed but my pc can't handle it last 40 minutes now. I am not alone in this aspect.


I am suggesting (if the game mechanics allow) to add a starting in game option to have a vote between faster and fast as the game speed. This would give the majority rule the option to force a game speed game before selecting heros.

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I think a big problem are supresors.There are just way to much creeps on the map,so u can only hope that all players have good computers(wont happen).

I suggest that when u kill supresor that u spawn 1 strong creep(utralisk and archon)and rest of creeps become stronger.If u destroy ranged supresor ranged creeps get buff(including archons)and if u destroy other 1 then melle creeps get buff(not including utralisk).


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