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Dark.Smegma is a mysterious fluid that has evolved to plague the humans off their inhabited planets by attacking their genitals.


Skill 1-Sticky Guztrap- lays down smegma capsules in a path behind him slowing any unit that goes into it and also making them take some damage.


skill 2-RectalDisfunture- The hero explodes shooting smegma traps in a aoe around the hero but only lasts for 3 seconds.


skill 3-Passive-PenalPenetration- The hero slowly deteriorates as the smegma takes more control over him and spreads all over his lower parts causing him to move at increased movement speed due to the pain being so large.


UTLTMATE- LighTSabers- The Ultimate cleanses the hero of all the smegma for 6 seconds making him immune to debuffs and also making him feel like a man again having his parts back. the hero grows into a florescent form where he gaines 150% weapon damage and a 20% chance to minibash. But when he turns back to his old smelly self he has to deal with having smegma again!



MAte Dylan before you try to post on why i have no numbers, i want you to help me with it on this one so i get used to them.

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