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Join BROKENTIER on October 26!


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See Current Roster: http://www.aeonofsto...tier-clan-list/


Registration is open! Message me your Team Info:

Clan Name:


Member 1:

Member 2:

Member 3:

Member 4:

Member Sub (Optional):


To help build a strong & competitive AoS community, the BROKENTIER Tournament will be held on Saturday, October 26 @ 3:00PM EASTERN TIME! There are no brackets to show; every match will be randomized so you won't know which team you'll play against until the day of the event. The tourney will be a mix of Best-out-of-3 and Death Match:

Schedule for October 26:

NOTE: Eastern Time Zone

3:00 PM - Introduction & Team Match-Up

3:30 PM - Game Set 1: Best out of 3

4:30 PM - Game Set 2: Death Match

6:00 PM - Game Set 3: ???



First Place Wins: Become the next Golden Champions of BrokenTier! + ???

Second Place Wins: Become the next Silver Champions of BrokenTier! + ???


All participants must agree to these rules:

1. Be fair and bring good sportsmanship to the game.

2. Acknowledge that requests will be very limited to speed up the tourney's process.

3. Understand that any game exploit you commit implies forfeit.

4. Understand that if you are 30 minutes late to the event (held on Mumble Server), your team will be disqualified.


  • We want this event to run quickly and smoothly as possible! To prevent potential delays, tourney matches will be PRIMARILY hosted in the North America server. Keep in mind that everyone has Global Play now, so no one should have a hard time connecting there. Requests to play in another region will not be approved by the Staff UNLESS the Captain of the opposing team agrees.
  • Clans are not required, but we encourage you to make one. It helps us easily identify teams. Clan names should be appropriate. Names that are vulgar or inappropriate cannot participate.
  • We will try our best to find a Referee for every game to ensure that everyone plays by the same rules. ONLY Referees may pause/resume: When request for Pause, Referees will type in the countdown before pausing. When request for Resume, Referees will first ask if everyone is ready before starting the countdown to resume the match. 2 Pause Requests per team, 5 minutes each.
  • Livestreams will not be available UNLESS both teams agree to do so. We will not be held accountable for ghosting.


Game Mode: Draft Pick

Only Captains will make the calls for picking & banning. Once each team's 5 heroes have been chosen, players can then choose which of those 5 heroes they wish to play. The ban and pick procedure is:

(Team 1: GREEN; Team 2 - RED)

1st Stage -> BAN -> BAN -> BAN -> BAN -> BAN -> BAN

2nd Stage -> PICK -> PICK -> PICK -> PICK -> PICK -> PICK

3rd Stage -> BAN -> BAN -> PICK -> PICK -> PICK -> PICK

*Picks are unique.


We think this draft system feels more fair & competitive if you learn what Heroes your opponents plan to play. This also allows you to counter-pick and develop necessary synergy.

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Why not make the livestream delayed? I think they do that in some dota2 streams, something like a 3-5 min delay. If they won't be then can the replays be made available? Would be pretty interesting to see how people who are good at the game play.


we have done this in the past. But some player dont like the game streamed cause it makes them lag

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At least the potential delays are covered.


Out of curiosity: How many teams are expected / somewhat expected to show?


SLP is looking at putting up 2 teams, Core is looking at 1 team, Clan AOS is looking at least 1 team, Food Clan is 1 team. HFP is 1 team, I guess Clan Pro Ace is going to get at least 1 maybe 2 teams. Africans team, I assume the Dark Clan is going to play. And i also assume the Russians are going to take part.


Im expecting atm 10-11 teams to take part atm. Im also actively spreading the word for this event and trying to recruit a lot more of the "pub star" clans to take part, I think Clan Pwnd, D3EM0S, and DOOM might take part also. So that could be another 3 teams playing


Hopefully it will have a decent turn out There are a lot of strong players in the clans that dont use mumble regularly. that should make for some interesting dynamic games.


Also to mention some of the games played are going to be Best of 1 matches. Any thing can happen in a BO1 a favored team can easily lose to another team that is simply able to snow ball.

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Damn, it's sounding pretty sick. As a spectator you guys have got to release replays if there's no streams, maybe on a team by team basis or like a best of replay pack.


Im sure a player known as adversary will stream. also wrath can stream and a few eu players can. Just depends if there motivated to be online that day Replays are normally uploaded.

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