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[Request] Queen guide and replay


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Since the replay and guide subforum are made to create and not request, I post my request here. Feel free to move my topic elsewhere if I'm not in the right subforum. Thank you.


I would like to learn how to play Queen right and I find it very hard to understand all the mechanic and learn the perfect timing to cast banes, where to put creep, etc etc. So, for thoses reasons, I would like to watch some replay of people playing Queen the right way!


Furthermore, anyone brain dead can buy all best intelligence item, but I find queen role isnt to be 1v1, so maybe there is some key item that arent intelligence can be really good with queen role. So for this reason, I would also like to read a good guide about this hero.


Sorry for my poor english and thank you for considering my request.

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I just did a game but due to lack of resistance isn't worth uploading. Might do one later today or never.


Talents: Fitness, cdr,energyregen, movement, wealth, transport (you could get overlord instead of wealth or movement but i dont think its usefull anymore)


Items: Treasure into silver soul(this is why wealth is nice you can buy it directly)

Then nitrogen

Then sitational ! (If swordbreaker ever gets useful you can get it to counter aa) It depends on your teams needs.

Korhal, spellbuffer, taser, coa are all worth getting if you need them. Even if your team is ahead always get one of these.

Later on or if you face alot of shortranged low hp heroes you can get intelligence items, edge and symbionic are both nice with these you can do more damage with banelings.


How to play:

Get e first and lay them in your lane even before units are there. The creep helps you with movement and you can use them as wards.

Then get 2 lvl's q, always spam banelings just dont target units about to die as then the banelings might start wandering.

Then w, you can use this to heal yourself or you allies.

Then max q and get r whenever you can. If you are mid 1 lvl e will suffice. Put tumors on highground for vision and try to make maximum use of the creep they generate.

If you are in hardlane you should put 1 in their jungle (near tank) and the other in lane, if you fear ganking get 2 lvl in e so you can pave the way with creep to your tower.

Sololane is 1 tumor were the creeps meet, and the other along the way to their tower, or if you have to play defensive 1 at your own tower.

After q is maxed lvl e or w depending on what you need. If there is alot of dmg done to your allies get w if you need more mapcontrol get e.


For combing: Silver soul gives banelings a speed boost, cast q use silver soul and they will hit almost anything. This is great for harassing enemy heroes.

You can also cast banelings then ultralisk behind them, this will ensure 60% of the banelings hit doing massive aeo dmg. Only use ultralisk vs 1 hero if its a sure kill unless you are still in laning phase then you can be greedy as the ultralisk can then be used to push the tower.

The ultralisk can be used alot of different ways: 1 pushing down towers, 2 use for the massive stun, 3 to kill melee heroes who aren't paying attention,4 distract stewie,5 to tank dmg from bosses/towers, or 6 help allies: whenever your allies are engaging the enemy you can make it easier by stunning the enemy for a few seconds. Try to focus on groups and not lone heroes as the ultralisk will stun anything in its way.


As the game progresses you should always check abandoned lanes, use transport to teleport there heal the creeps, fire a wave of banelings and ultralisk to kill the tower.

You can put tumors in river and chokes to avoid getting ganked. Once the tower is down you can continue pushing if they are still in a 5 v 4 stalemate at a tower, or go help your allies.


Your roll as queen is holding/destroying towers, healing allies and stunning enemies. Your roll is purely supportive weather it is pushing or helping more directly

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