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The facts about Lag


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People lag for different reasons. With a game like AoS, there are ten players, which pretty much means that the game is only as fast as the slowest player right? Not so true...

Even after laggers get dropped, much of the late game lags to many people. Many are saying get a better PC, better video card, etc. Just to let you know, even if you had a kick ass PC, that does not mean you are going to be lag free. There are just to many variables that can effect your lag. Other players running multiple programs/software, ISP fails, bandwidth sharing, etc.



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I don't get much lag from the things being rendered (I can watch 1hr+ 4v4 replays with barely any lag)


I don't get much lag from my net (~200 ping, iirc each comp gets 0.9 MB/s dl and 1.2 MB/s upl)


Yet every game, at some point, it starts lagging horribly to the point that it becomes literally impossible to click on Shadow, that it is barely playable, etc..


And this happens arbitrarily, too-- I've had hr+ games that I have absolutely no lag and <40 minute games with horrid lag during the last 4-8 minutes of the game.


And my settings are all lowest, and I close everything else before playing, and I reinstalled (when HotS came out), and I defragmented my disc (so it isn't loading lag).


I'd say, in addition to Midknight's theory, that if each player is contributing 2 AUL (Arbitrary Unit of Lag) but one is giving 5-6 AUL, then it might come out to be 40-60 AUL for that player and 20-30 AUL for the others.

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The Longer the Game, the more laggy it becomes (regardless of how many ppl are in the game). Although, most of the lag issue will come from People Computer.


While, yes, Longer games = more lag, I have left my CPU on during a game which ended (not clicking victory) for 10 hours, and the lag was super super bad (1 Frame per 5 seconds). I believe i checked up with it at 3 hours and it was at 4 Frames per second. I notice most ppl say they get only 1 Frame per 3 seconds hitting around 1 hour in, although that is probably because someone has a bad computer in the game or your computer just lags (Internet issues, whatever). Because you shouldn't be noticing any lag issues until a 2Hour + Mark.

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