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When i first started playing this game i would always come to this section of the website to help myself because no one in this shapty community really would, even when i asked. this section helped me get a playstyle and basic item/talent build for many heroes, and i was able to play at a level where i was not constantly dying.


Lately, it seems there is a dry spell on hero guides, whether people are getting lazy or what not, i would like to contribute and help people who really want to learn this game but fall victim to the steep learning curve and the many handfuls that just tell you to leave and stop playing. i'm not an expert on all the heroes, but i have general knowledge of how to play a good amount. if you would like a guide on a specific hero, name a couple and i will make basic-moderate hero guides.


- alpha

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Hi Alpha,


Whilst IH games in NA are at present a rare occurrence you can come down to EU and play IH games with us Europeans, or spec. Normally when I see a build I like I take a screenshot of it, press F12 or Print screen then ctrl v into paint and save. Any LighTs member's advice would be trusted, but also I'd ask the players: 'Spooky' and 'Zeeend' or 'Residente' for tips.



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