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Aidanderson's guide to jungling


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I know I said in my last game that I would make the caster mid guide next but I like junglers better so I changed my mind.


When you choose a hero for jungling he must have 4 key things. The first thing a hero must have to jungle is defensibility. Look at a heros base hp and armor stats. Adjust your talent tree if you need more defense. The second thing a jungler must have is damage output. A hero can tank the damage all he likes but if he can't deal the damage to kill the neutral creeps, then he won't be a good jungler. The third thing a jungler must have is gambling potential. If a jungler can't gank, then you just have a bottom lane that is being pushed (assuming they don't have a jungler). This is probably the least important, since you can jungle just so you have 2 solo lanes. To be a good jungler though, you must be able to gank well. Cc is a good thing to have when ganking. The final and most important thing a jungler must have to jungle well is sustain. This can be gained from talents, items, or abilities. If a hero has all of these qualities he can be a jungler (some heros lack in certain areas more than others).


There are not too many talent tree layouts for junglers. Pretty much get a 0/11/14 or 0/10/15 standard build. Get hp damage reduction and armor from defense. Get energy regen, avarice and stats from utility. Get armor, impunity, hp regen, hp, and protect in the defensive tree.


The most interesting part early game for a jungler is his starting items. If. You are a bruiser start with either duran's buckle or the 2 armor item/boots and pots. This allows for very high sustian. For dps I strongly suggest you to wait for two items: 10% lifesteal and 10 damage, both components of HoM which you will get later. This lets you to have high damage and sustain. If you are a caster, either start with the same thing as the bruisers (getting a few mana pots) or 2 armor item and .75 energy regen item. I am sorry I don't know the item names I havn't played in a while.


There are two options for jungling routes. I STRONGLY suggest you start at tank rather than Thor. This is because 20% timescale means 20% faster energy regen and hp regen. This helps you regardless if you are a caster or not. You would start at thor ONLY IF you don't use energy to kill the creeps (mainly bruisers like starscreen and vorpal or tanks like drake). When you plan to gank get certain buffs depending on your role (Thor for tanks, tank for casters, firebat for dps) though if your buff is down get firebat (if he is up).


If you have cleared your jungle and ganked lanes that need help, then you can counter jungle. Counter jungling is a term refered to going into the enemy jungle and killing their creeps. When doing this you must be careful. You must see all 5 (4 if they have a jungler) heros. Also counter jungling allows you to ward their jungle so you know where their jungler is. A very advanced counter jungling tactic is to force their jungler to be behind. Since most junglers start at the tank, then wait at the enemy tank (in the tall grass). When he starts to attack the camp, gank him and kill him if possible. This puts him very behind because he must go back.


When you have finished all three jungle camps then you must gank (or counter jungle). When deciding where to gank, see which lane is losing. Gank that lane first. If all lanes are fairly even, then gank mid (so your caster carry gets ahead), top (so your dps carry gets ahead) then bot (so the solo bit gets support). When you gank use your cc immediately (Kerigans q, tychus e, drake pull ult burn combo, ect.).


Now you know how to jungle successfully. I will list all junglers I would consider off the top of my head. There may be others that are viable, I am just naming the ones I think are good:


Bruta (survivability, ganks and just awsomness)


Bio (great ganks, survivability, and damage)





Vespus (his hp regen and armor is nice)




Unix (spread your infested terrans out)


Thank you for reading my guide. I hope this helps you choose a jungler and be good at it. Please read my other guides. Aidanderson signing off.

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I think you either define the term jungler in a really weird way or your choice of heroes as "junglers" are wrong. I mean for INT heroes, there is no way in hell Cypress can jungle neutrals. He has extremely low dps and takes lots of damage from tanks/thors/bats even if he has defensive talents. I agree with you that Cypress is a great ganker, but it's hardly a jungler. And why wouldn't Unix be a good jungler.. He has his infested terrans?


I think also for jungling you need to have decent speed so that you can farm the neutrals and gank efficiently. To be honest the true junglers I would think would be shadow, nova, or vespus. Shadow has Occlusion for speed bonus and can get phase cloak with pyre. Nova can sprint from one area to another while using her Q to get extra minerals. Vespus can take dmg and has speed bonus for being low on health.


Most of the strength characters you claimed would be "junglers" don't even fit what you described a jungler to be. Drake is a good farmer but only in the late game once it has martyr and molten armor maxed out. He has no damage output whatever since his dps is slow as shap. As goes for the rest of the strength heroes except for bio and kerrigan (although she is a lot slower than say shadow/Vespus/nova, I don't think they jungle very well. I think the term that you're confusing jungling with is farming. They seem to mean the same thing, but farming is when you kill neutrals next to you at some point in between creep waves, but when you're jungling you're full on farming neutrals and gank whenever you can in lanes you're close to. Otherwise you won't be in the lane, you'll just be killing the neutrals and getting more money from bats/thors/tanks/rauders/aeon. As for items, I've seen some shadow get 3-4 durans machete for health and leech and damage output then rush pyre/taser/phase cloak.


That was my thoughs on jungling. Correct me if I'm wrong

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Ok I understand that not all of my choices are the best. Nova is too squishy to jungle btw. Most of my strength heros aren't wrong. Balrog has leech. Tychus has a heal. Kerigan has armor. Starscreen has resist (also his q can kill neutrals really fast. If drake has the time scale buff it is possible for him to jungle. He also starts with a duran's buckle for hp and hp regen. He starts with martyr and turns it on for a few seconds. As for cyprus. When I said he could jungle, I meant post level 3. He lanes till he hits three. That way he has his q and level 2 w. Cyprus gets survivability from items. If you jungle with unix you max you stun not your terrans because all three of the big neutrals have splash damage. This rips them apart. Erekul is just amazing. Jax needs hp regen and he's fine. Cain probably can't jungle but I threw him in just cuz he might be able too. Micro can't jungle well unless he maxes his q or at least gets level 3 or so. Bio is an amazing jungler. He's even better than balrog. Vorpal probably could jungle, but he would start at thor since he doesnt use energy. Jungling isn't just killing neural monsters. It's ganking. Go on YouTube and watch a game of someone jungling. If they are good they can gank before level 6. Especially if they have good skills like vorpal, balrog, and bio.

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Nova has high damage output and Q for extra damage. Nova is one of the heroes I play very well and with defensive talents I can jungle fairly well. Her W also increases this damage with critical chance.


To be honest have you tried jungling with drake? I can farm creep well late game after I get Vampiric Amulet, but other than that he takes a lot of damage. I mained drake before, which is why I think in the early game drake does not jungle well and is probably better soloing a lane or with a lane partner such as egon.


Cypress cannot kill marauders.... He can barely 1 hit marauders when he's at level 16??? He probably needs at least 3-4 hits with Q/W just to kill the marauders. And that's not even counting the time he would take to kill thors/bats/tanks....Good ganker and better at staying in a lane then jungling.


And for unix. Max infested terrans if you want to jungle. Only a shap player would spawn infested terrans right next to each other. Spread them out and they'll last longer and have higher damage output. Either way jungling isn't even worthwhile since unix can push lanes. He can farm while he pushes lanes, but less valuable if unix were to jungle.


Micro can't jungle period until maybe lvl 16. Bio would be a good jungler but he can also be a lane pusher if he uses two of his claymores on creeps.



According to Ben, I think to be a jungler is that you can gank AND kill neutrals because of the high EXP they give since the new AOS.

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I only included the junglers that made sense. Btw bio is a great jungler if you get level 2 heal. His ganks post level 6 are pretty much gurenteed to kill if you know what you are doing. Balrog is an amazing ganker pre and post level 6. Nova is a good ganker. I don't really consider ranged heros much. I'm not sure about Jax. If someone can confirm is he is a good jungler please tell me.

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The third point about jungling is Ben knows a few things, but not all. His choices are solid and a lot of mine weren't (until I edited). I know how to jungle trust me. I was super tired when I made this guide. I hadn't slept for like 30 hours so when I made my choices I only thought about one of the four things a jungler needs: gank potential. I forgot about damage output, defense, sustain. A jungler needs all of these things in some form. Trust me I jungle a lot in League where you can actually choose more than one jungle route.

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You get buffs and it opens up a second free lane. Also you can do whatever the fu-ck you want. You don't have to return to your lane if people are pushing. You don't just gank mid cuz its closer, you can gank top and bot easily. You don't have to worry about the enemy calling mia on you. Pretty much the reason any hero jungles. Don't get me wrong. He makes a great solo bot, but he makes an amazing jungler.

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bio can take lane creeps real quick y dont creep after u cover ur lane and gank when necesary? what makes jungling so special?


Bio could do that but i've only seen shadow jungle and a couple of times when vespus and nova jungles. Jungling is special because for the firebats, they give you leech and for thor they give you damage and spell resist and for tanks they give you time scale (might be switched with thor). It frees up the lane so that two characters can solo while one person jungles. If the other team doesn't jungle in the long run your team will outlevel the other team.


Also the jungler can easily gank all three lanes since no one can call MIA if the jungler isn't in a lane in the first place. But what you're saying is right you could cover your lane then farm neutrals/gank. Whichever style you like to play works :)

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Balrog is a great jungler once he gets his ult. Before that he can deal damage with his W so if you get W and E instead of Q you can farm the jungle early on, but that sacrifices some of his ganking potential.

W, then Q then W again + zerg symbiosis is probably a good jungling setup, I'll get testing.


Also, last stand is good for jungling since it has a short cooldown and helps a lot with sustain.

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But when you are setting up talents you have to think about their use in the long run, not just the first 5-10 minutes of the game.


Isn't protect/last stand good throughout the whole game? For inhouse most of the time I go defensive talent build

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