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[Hero] Celero.Chase


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- Creation



- Nerfed Speed and Evasion from Blur

-Nerfed Heroic Passive




Name: Celero.Chase

Portrait: War Pig

Unit Base: War Pig

Script: War.Pig is a War Pig Hero....




STR 25 + 4

AGI 30+3 (Primary)

INT 25 + 6



[td]Base Health: 200[/td]

[td]Movement Speed: 3[/td]

[td]Base Weapon Speed: 1.8[/td]

[td]Attack Range: 3[/td]

[td]Sight Range: 12[/td]





Primary Role: Ganker

Secondary Roles: Carry, Lane Support


Affilation: Chaotic Neutral



Chase is a chaser.






[td]Ability Type: Heroic Passive[/td]

[td]Damage Type: N/A[/td]

[td]Hotkey: N/A[/td][/table]

Celero gains 10% Movement Speed and Slow Immunity for 5 seconds if he takes more than 300 damage in 3 seconds.


insert slightly pointless skill lore.


-Range of 12.




Binary Surge

[td]Ability Type: Single Target[/td]

[td]Damage Type: Spell[/td]

[td]Hotkey: Q[/td][/table]

Celero shocks the target enemy or allied Hero. Allies gain Movement Speed while enemies lose Movement Speed and take 50 (+10% INT) Spell Damage per second.




Level 1: 120 Energy 20% Movement Speed. Lasts 1 second. 22 second cooldown

Level 2: 120 Energy 30% Movement Speed. Lasts 2 seconds. 18 second cooldown

Level 3: 120 Energy 40% Movement Speed. Lasts 3 seconds. 16 second cooldown

Level 4: 120 Energy 50% Movement Speed. Lasts 4 seconds. 12 second cooldown


-Range of 6.

-Cannot be self-cast.






[td]Ability Type: Passive[/td]

[td]Damage Type: True[/td]

[td]Hotkey: W[/td][/table]

Passively increases Movement Speed as well as Evasion. Bonus True Damage is also dealt per attack according to the difference between the Movement Speeds of Celero and his target. Evasion does not stack with items




Level 1: 4% Movement Speed. 12x Difference Multiplier. 8% Evasion.

Level 2: 6% Movement Speed. 18x Difference Multiplier. 12% Evasion.

Level 3: 8% Movement Speed. 24x Difference Multiplier. 16% Evasion.

Level 4: 10% Movement Speed. 30x Difference Multiplier. 20% Evasion.


-Example: At max level, if the target has 2 movespeed and Celero has 3, 30 extra damage is dealt according to the 1 speed difference.




EMP Round

[td]Ability Type: Target Area[/td]

[td]Damage Type: N/A[/td]

[td]Hotkey: E[/td]


Enemy Heroes in the AoE are silenced and revealed for a short duration.




Level 1: 120 Energy Radius of 1.75. Lasts 2.5 seconds. 20 second cooldown

Level 2: 120 Energy Radius of 2. Lasts 3 seconds. 20 second cooldown

Level 3: 120 Energy Radius of 2.25. Lasts 3.5 seconds. 20 second cooldown

Level 4: 120 Energy Radius of 2.5. Lasts 4 seconds. 20 second cooldown


-Range of 8.





[td]Ability Type: Target Unit[/td]

[td]Damage Type: N/A[/td]

[td]Hotkey: R[/td][/table]

Celero steals a large amount of Movement Speed and Weapon Speed from the target enemy Hero for a short duration.




Level 1: 150 Energy 20% Movement and Weapon Speed. Lasts 3 seconds. 80 second cooldown

Level 2: 275 Energy 45% Movement and Weapon Speed. Lasts 4 seconds. 80 second cooldown

Level 3: 300 Energy 70% Movement and Weapon Speed. Lasts 5 seconds. 80 second cooldown


-Range of 3.5.

-Both the target and Celero return to normal at the end of the duration.

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his heroic passive and his W are just OP


his heroic passive means rory is useless vs that hero


his W is just crazy, 15% extra MS is stupid, you just can hunt an oclussed shadow, 30% evasion is also mad

you just can buy 6 items and no boots



I wish i didnt missed his W or didnt understand the real effect but i find it op

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