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100% of your donations are used to upgrade and maintain the forums and chat server.




When Donating:

- Include your forum email or account in the donation message.

- If you haven't recieved your forum rank yet, send us a PM reminding us to check for you. Include your email.

- Tell us why you're donating.


Donation tiers:

10$ - "+1 Donor" forum rank.


25$ - "+2 Donor" forum rank.


50$ - "+3 Donor" forum rank.


99$ - "+4 Donor" forum rank.


1000$ - If you ever come to Connecticut or New York, I will bake you a cake.


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I donated $20 once, but I've never had the privilege of being carried twice in a tournament. =)))))))))))

We can't sell in game content. It will get the map suspended.

I am reassured. No Pay-to-win content. Brax is proably the only Admin that has one post xD   Could ask blizzard if they could allow you to add skins for people that contribute tho.

Donation archives have been updated and ranks are up! If you are a donor, send me a PM with your email to get added to the list.


It is worth noting that updating your donor status will be far easier on our new interface.

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