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[1.45+] Shadow's Guide to AoS Incomplete


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Shadow Geminus



Primary Role: Carry

Secondary Roles: Ganker/Psuedo-Initiator

Lore: - The Zer'atai have been known for the tradition of adorning their armor with the bones of slain zerg. However such traditions would not serve this ill-fated templar well, as a lapse in judgement permenatly fused him to his armor. Stripped of his name, origins, and sanity, the shadow entered the Dark Void itself, where he was greeted warmly by the Dark Voice.


The Dark Voice channels energy through the Shadow allowing him to blur the lines between reality and The Void.


Summary: Shadow is probably one of the best carries currently in the game, this is becasuse he can simply do EVERYTHING and is good at all stages in the game, making it easier for him to get ahead than other carries.



-High weapon damage

-AOE nuke that scales with weapon damage

-Psudo-initiation skill

-Passive speed buff

-Can break the ASS cap with Ulti



-Needs items to be very effective

-Extremely reliant on ambushing





ShadowHP.jpg Occlusion

[td]Ability Type: Heroic Passive[/td]

[td]Damage Type: NA [/td]

[td]Hotkey: - NA[/td][/table]

Shadow does not show up on the mini-map. While shadow is out of combat, he gains +3% MS every 5 seconds, up to 21% MS (35 Seconds). Shadow loses all stacks when he deals damage or attacks




[td]Ability Type: Active[/td]

[td]Damage Type: Spell[/td]

[td]Hotkey: Q[/td][/table]


Shadow teleports 3 units forward, dealing damage between his starting position and blink position.


Level 1: - Deals 90 (+60% Weapon Damage) spell damage

Level 2: - Deals 160 (+60% Weapon Damage) spell damage

Level 3: - Deals 230(+60% Weapon Damage) spell damage

Level 4: - Deals 300 (+60% Weapon Damage) spell damage




ShadowW.jpgShadow Vortex

[td]Ability Type: - Active[/td]

[td]Damage Type: - NA[/td]

[td]Hotkey: - W[/td]



Shadow generates a vortex by compressing space into a point, sucking in nearby units over 2 seconds, when released, the vortex decreases enemy MS and increases allied MS by the same amount for 2.5 seconds.


Level 1: - +/- 33% MS

Level 2: - +/- 44% MS

Level 3: - +/- 55% MS

Level 4: - +/- 66% MS




Stepping Strikes

[td]Ability Type: - Passive[/td]

[td]Damage Type: - NA [/td]

[td]Hotkey: - E[/td][/table]


Shadow attacks skillfully, increasing his attack range. Also when attacking an enemy unit, he instantly teleports behind the target.


Level 1: - 1.5 weapon range

Level 2: - 1.75 weapon range

Level 3: - 2 weapon range

Level 4: - 2.25 weapon range




[th]Shadow Walk[/th]

[td]Ability Type: Active [/td]

[td]Damage Type: NA[/td]

[td]Hotkey: R[/td]



Shadow creates a shroud of darkness at a target location. Enemies in the shroud have their sight range reduced to 0. While in the shroud shadow gains time.


Level 1: - Shadow gains 10% time

Level 2: - Shadow gains 15% time

Level 3: - Shadow gains 20% time



To Come


I would just like to say one thing, is that shadow benefits extremely from early weapon damage. So I almost always get multiple Duran's Machette's (No more than 3), because it gives you lots of weapon damage, as well as a sizable amount of HP, which is one thing shadow lacks throughout the game.

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Uh I can't add any more pictures cause i have exceeded the amount of bytes im allowed to have

Good job. I was too lazy to remake a Shadow guide. :DuransBuckler:


You probably need to upload the images to a different website to get past the limit. Personally I use Flickr, thought purely because it was the first result in my Google search.

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