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Someone Who Makes Heroes


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Can you just make a Diablo hero already?


Isn't there some Diablo unit already in game? I know there's a pet in WoW.


The abilities would literally be the same as in D3 as in:


Q: Flame Breath: Something like Toxi's Q except maybe channeled and no DoT but more instant damage + stacks if they stay in it longer.

W: Flame Ring: 1-1.5 second channeled cast that stuns any heroes in melee range and fires off a ring of fire that damages anything it hits.

E: Flame Patch: Fire a ball of fire that explodes and burns anything in the patch of fire left behind for DoT.

R: Bone Cage: Stuns and damages targeted enemy and fires untargetable patches on the ground that will also stun (no damage) anything that stays in it.


I have no idea about the actual numbers or names, but it's like an already made hero that people would play simply because of the mystique around Diablo as a character.

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i already made one on the map i was making (and subsequentially scrapped)


his passive gave him temporary int whenever a unit died near him and permanent shields


his q was a skill shot fireball that dealt some burst, and some damage over time


his w was a chain lightning that bounced randomly like rory's rebounder


his e was a fire shield that did damage to anything that attacked him


and his r was a global nuke to every enemy hero on the map that dealt minor damage, but burned for % of hp over time and moveslow + spell amp

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