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Hero Suggestions ideas


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You can take these ideas and use as ur own. I’m just posting so i have collection of ideas ecter. Others feel free post ur own ideas u don’t mind sharing or want get out there

  • Hero Ultimate that increase Range to 12 and makes auto attacks skill shoots, and pass through enemy’s hitting all
  • Hero that increases range per level as heroic passive
  • Anti INT Caster Caster, Ultimate scale off enemy INT level + ur own.
  • On (Only)kill refreshing ults
  • Pure Skill shot hero
  • Burst Hero that focus on heroes with higher health (hero that scales off current enemy health sure there was one hero that already did.)
  • Ghost AGI Hero heroic passive is no clipping to Units with scaling move speed.
  • Hero that has ability’s that scale off Armour
  • Hero that has ability’s that scale off Spell Resist
  • Hero that has ALL non-ultimate skills deal non-lethal damage Ultimate deals instant death to heroes with all stacks has long cast time 3 secs is interruptible.
  • Hero’s that have passive that activate after death, eg AGI bling hero that on death has 6 secs run to target and explode itself dealing AOE true damage +lvl damage to hero and possible killing them. Caster that deals heavy damage, on death has free cast for 8 secs but cannot move
  • Worm Hero (larva) that passive creates pets (additional smaller larva) that last for x secs after ability’s cast up to cap at one time.
  • Hero completely devoted to pets (cough cough mengsk)
  • Pet oriented items (increase health + health regen or damage item that oh, korhal vanguard has hunter hatchet as component that increase useful ness with increase damage of pets :P, gives arua increase damage against creeps ecter I dn, I used it on marr quite few times)
  • Hero that completely about weapon switching (http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/310-areswar-bot/) :P seems as we have jakk mechanic now is in place. I feel that an ares hero would suit this concept
  • Immortal hero, that as name suggest can be immortal eg don’t die for x secs (I had idea ready for writing it) or generate shields as passive J
  • Guided Skill shot, Skill shot that can be redirected, that reminds me vorpal ult should have 2 actives, one for using ultimate and one for redirecting it. This make his ultimate viable, maybe op. but it be good fix, as it would make sense.
  • More ability’s that aren’t stuns/ disables / silences but do same concept ideas, taunts (like stun but has enemy attack you for x secs longer than stuns by .5 secs enemy cant issue another command eg move away and or skills Taunts be on tank heros, Skill magnet tank again but has any Skill direct to him he tanks damage eg spell damage tank.
  • More timescale items
  • Global skill shot
  • Hero that has all single target nukes as skills but has global cool down on all skills depending on skill used.
  • Add other ideas in OP later

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