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"Hello" from HeavenRain


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Hello everyone,


I haven't posted much in previous forums but I am now helping Ecko with a few of site changes. For those who haven't played with me on Sotis before, here's my intro...


- SC2 name: HeavenRain (used to be kophyo)

- Region: EU

- Country: From Burma.. now living in UK

- Favorite hero: Rory/Jax

- Favorite item: warpshard

- Computer specifications: Macbook Pro 15 in

- Favorite food: Pretty much all the junk food you can name

- Sports you play: Swimming (Btw, I did the splashpath.com. Check it out if you live in UK and love swimming :P)


I am a web developer in day time and sotis player at night. I haven't played much in IH though as I find it wastes too much effort to get a good match, IMO. I've had much better balanced pub games.


If you see any defects in the site's design for next few days/weeks, please let me or the team know.


Loving this new brand "Aeon of Storms" now.

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ff4 and ff6 are both better than 7! Noob.


How the fuk does a 17 year old even know about 4 or 6, fuk you you fuking troll. Bring me evidence that isnt from wikipedia that supports your claim or that you actually follow the series... 6 was actually really good from a story line standpoint and the million characters. 7 revolutionized graphics and we get to see *spoiler* aeris die spend the entire game avenging her death... and something about a giant meteor crashing into the earth *end spoiler* the last great final fantasy was 10. Those that actually played holler back... actually fuk this shap... time to make a thread!

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