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DOT stacks


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Here's an example for Boros:

Game Time 0:00

Boros Hits Unit (1:00)

Debuff Lasts 4 seconds(2:00)

Debuff Lasts 3 seconds (3:00)

Boros Hits Unit Again (3:00)

Debuff Lasts 5 seconds (4:00)


For Vespus, it doesn't stack. Maybe because 16?% INT scaling is too much if you made it stack. Other debuffs behave the same way.

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^its called bola. It kinda separates a single target allowing for ult domination while spell storm does damage over time. In my opinion either the damage to the same target should be decreased, or the stacking on his ult should be 100% weapon damage but the base damage decreased so int boros ult doesn't rape your face off.

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k so build boros like a normal dps then add :IhanCrystal: and let the good times roll.

boros built that way can combo up to 9k+ damage potential! but if you have a large attck base, most of this damage is lost to armor. an INT boros with Ihan (which also deals 9k+ potential damage,can potentially deal more damage due to lack of spell resist items. the only difference with int and raw damage boros is the armor that the opponent has, raw damage boros has their damage reduced more dramatically, whereas players who dont stack spell resist only has the base 15% spell resist,


what is powerful here is DOT stcks of burning blade as they stack infinitely. activating ihan will deal 120 MORE spell damage on burning blade and another 120 spell damage more per second on spellstorm. then compund all that with the INT stat of an INT boros which is usually at about 300 at full build.

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im thinking of trying a spell damage build on boros not sure if you call this a troll build.....






Lightning rod


agi boots


high attack speed (barely reaching attackspeed cap)

low damage (meaning less is lost to armor) 181 weapon damage

high 318 INT means burning blade deals 169 spell damage over time

pyre with 4% target health Spell damage

Lighting rod +55spell damage


spell damage assuming 15% base spell resist::

169DOT (x.85) + pyres 4% (.85) +55 x .85 (lightning rod)


assume 2000hp targets health 3.4% is about 68 damage


totals about 190 spell damage after spell resist + 68 = 258 spell damage per strike


calculating omnislash spell damage

258 x 8 = 2064

not so much but this is after spell resist (15% only) and does not include the physical damage



purpose: simply to deal more damage by bypassing armor whether its viable or not, im not sure, ill have to test it out.


chances are allies will KS me more often seeing as spell damage over time is not instant damage.

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