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Altered Shop Screen


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I've been playing the game since v5 and have always noticed one thing about the suggested build in the shop. Mainly that its a suggested build and not suggested items. The store as of now gives new player's the impression that there is a sure fire good build for the hero they are playing right in front of them and makes it less likely for them to quickly learn the basics of item builds and situationally picking up items to counter your opponents.


I would propose a system like the shop that exists in dota 2 where items are categorized by when they are useful and what utility they provide. For instance a duran's might would be in the sudgested items for shadow under survivability. The point is if I see one more Virgil player pick up a life tech because its in the suggested build im going to tear out my hair and make it into a fine line of clothing for parisian women.


Any other ideas about altering the shop interface to make it more obvious to new players that one, items are important and two, you shouldn't always just get those six items in the bar.

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