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Thoughts on a computer upgrade.


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Well, recently, i have been wanting to upgrade my cpu because i am sick of planetside 2 not being able to run. Would this seem like a fairly good computer? Where i live computer parts are extremely cheap, and i can get this for about ~$5k. Does this seem worth it?

CPU: i7-3930k @ 3.2ghz

RAM: GSkill RipjawsX 32GB 2133MHz

GPU: 2x Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN

SSDs: 250gb Samsung 830

2x 250gbOCZ Agility 3

HDDs: WD Cavier Black, 4gbs.

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LOLOLOLO with one of those Nvidias you could buy my actual whole computer, and I run Planetside 2 in high graphics with it.


If you want a new pc because of Planetside 2 I suggest you to buy something more... economic, you will get good results anyway. Seriously, what you want to buy it's a monster, not sure if worthy or not, but if you have money to deal with it, do it.

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I spent like $1200 on mine like 3 years ago and it works perfectly fine on max graphics. When I go to someone's house who has sc2 and they play on low graphics I ask them what's wrong with their game. If you wanted to play something like Crysis on a double SLI port or something then I guess I could understand spending like 1500-1600 range in total so you can get a higher end graphics card but 5k is just overkill. That's like the computers they put on display at microcenter.

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