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[Hero] Spiritual.Delight


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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Spiritual.Delight

Portrait: Green Archon

Unit Base: Green Archon

Type: INT [support]

Script: A green archon, so he must be a support since he is green which indicates healer [White and green = healers right?]


Starting Stats:

Base Health 300

Movement Speed – 2.9

Attack Range – 4

Attack Speed – 2

Base Damage – 34

Attack Name | Animation - Spirit Beam

Base Armor – 2

Strength – 22 + [5]

Agility – 21 + [4]

Intelligence – 38 + [8]




Heroic Passive: Spirit's Enhancement [W]

"Spiritual can buff one of his 4 abilities causing them to have an addition effect based on which one he choosed on this passive. The ability he choose [or passive], will then have an additional effect. Spiritual can only change this once per 60 seconds. Spiritual can not use change if he has used an ability in the last 5 seconds as well [excluding this one]. "


Effect: Enhance a choosen ability. This can be switchable, but not often. It can be switched enough to do it about once per team fight to make spiritual a little more flexible.




Ability One: Spirit Movement

"Spiritual shoots out a spirit at a target. When the target it is, it bounces off to the nearest Hero [ally or enemy] in a 5-unit Radius. This spirit jumps into the air every single time it hits a Hero, and the rebound takes 1 second [regardless how far they are], to land onto the next target. Each Hero can only be hit once by the same spirit. If the spirit hits an ally, it heals health and grants Movement Speed bonus for 1 second, while hitting an enemy will cause it to take damage and lose movement speed for 1 second. The spirit auto-targets the closest hero that hasn't been hit and ends once it can't find any more targets. Can not be casted on non-heroics. The primary target will restore double the amount of health [if it is an ally] than the rebound shots or damage [if is an enemy]. This still takes 1 second on the primary target, even if Spiritual targets himself. If Spiritual enhances this ability with her Heroic Passive, ally heroes will recieve additional shields for 2 seconds while enemies lose Physical and Spell Resistance for 2 seconds. This is not doubled on the primary target"

Energy Cost: 85//100//115//130

Cooldown: 20//18//16//14

Range: 5


Spirit's Enhancement: Grants +40//60//80//100[+20%INT] Shields for 2 seconds. Lower Enemy Spell//Physical Resistance by 6//10//14//18% for 2 seconds.


Level 1: Restores 30[+30%INT] Health. Deals 30[+30%INT] Spell Damage. +/- 20% Movement Speed for 1 second.

Level 2: Restores 60[+30%INT] Health. Deals 60[+30%INT] Spell Damage. +/- 30% Movement Speed for 1 second.

Level 3: Restores 90[+30%INT] Health. Deals 90[+30%INT] Spell Damage. +/- 40% Movement Speed for 1 second.

Level 4: Restores 120[+30%INT] Health. Deals 120[+30%INT] Spell Damage. +/- 50% Movement Speed for 1 second.


Effect: Effective use versus clumped up units. Note: The primary target has double the effects. This means that if you target a shadow, they restore 240[+60%INT] if it is an ally, or deal 240[+60%INT] if it is an enemy. This spirit will still hit targets if they try to teleport. This ability is pretty useful to use on a team to heal. Beware tho, this isn't to reliable, since healing your entire team will take literally 5 seconds [5 more seconds for damage on enemies]. This is strong early game, but kinda falls off later game when 150 healing isn't going to be a lot




Ability Two: True Path [Passive]

"Spiritual causes allies to take a true path, where they make the correct path of when to engage and when not to causing allies in a 10-unit Radius to gain Physical and Spell Resistance if they haven't taken damage in the past 2 seconds. Allies that have taken damage buff that lasts 2 seconds granting them bonus attack damage and spell damage. If Spiritual enhances this ability, allies will also gain additional healing in a 10-unit Radius."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: 10


Spirit's Enhancement: Grants +10//15//20//25% Healing


Level 1: +14% Physical//Spell Resistance. +4% Attack Damage//Spell Damage

Level 2: +21% Physical//Spell Resistance. +6% Attack Damage//Spell Damage

Level 3: +28% Physical//Spell Resistance. +8% Attack Damage//Spell Damage

Level 4: +35% Physical//Spell Resistance. +10% Attack Damage//Spell Damage


Effect: The Physical and Spell resist is for the initial damage while the attack and spell is when you go in to damage. It is very strong ability. Physical and spell resistance buff is super good versus enemies with poke abilities. Increased healing includes




Ability Three: Spirit Link

"Spiritual throws a link onto an ally, shielding it from damage for 6 seconds as long as it stays within a 15-unit Radius. In addition, during those 6 seconds, if the ally clicks [move command] on Spiritual, it will immediately be pulled to Spiritual at a speed of 12 if they have the Spirit Link buff on. Spirit enhancement increases the range to 20-unit Radius and increases the duration to 8 seconds and also increases the casting range by 2."

Energy Cost: 160//140//120//100

Cooldown: 35//30//25//20

Range: 5//6//7//8


Spirit's Enhancement: Lasts 8 seconds instead and increases radius to 20. Increase casting range by 2.


Level 1: Grants +70[+80%INT] Shields.

Level 2: Grants +140[+80%INT] Shields.

Level 3: Grants +210[+80%INT] Shields.

Level 4: Grants +280[+80%INT] Shields.


Effect: The spirit Link buff is removed once allies move 15-units away from Spiritual [20-units with HP on this].




Ultimate Ability: Spiritual Barrier

"Spiritual takes 1 second to channel. Spiritual channels for a short duration which creates the Spiritual Barrier in a 4-unit Radius preventing all enemies from moving past the barrior. Allies can move past it and also gain movement speed inside of it. Spiritual can stop the channel at any time, but will remove the barrior as well. When Spiritual first uses this ability, all the abilities that are pushed out of the radius will take minor spell damage and will be silenced for 2 seconds. If this ability is enhanced by the Heroic Passive, enemies in a 6-unit Radius [on the outside of the barrior] will also lose movement speed and attack speed. This also lowers the cooldown by a short amount as well."

Energy Cost: 200//300//40

Cooldown: 140//120//100

Range: 4


Spirit's Enhancement: Slows enemies in a 6-unit Radius by 25//30//35% Movement Speed and Attack Speed. Lower Cooldown by 20//20//20 seconds.


Level 1: Increases ally movement speed by 20%. Can channel for up to 3 seconds. Deals 100[+35%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Increases ally movement speed by 35%. Can channel for up to 4 seconds. Deals 150[+35%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Increases ally movement speed by 50%. Can channel for up to 5 seconds. Deals 200[+35%INT] Spell Damage.


Effect: Make a large barrior to split enemies up. They won't be able to get back to either allies and this can cause massive devestation as well as block off enemy escapes. This won't block allies making it even better as they can move hastely through it with the movement speed bonus. With the enhancement, it is even more effective as it lowers the cooldown, and can cause enemies grief if they try to move around the barrior in the shortest length possible since they will be slowed. This can easily be countered if you can manage to stun Spiritual during this channel as he DOES have to channel this. If he is channeling this, don't worry to much about him since he can't cast abilities when channeling. When using this ability, i suggest getting a small hadron collider.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:


- Spell Buffer [Aura resistance]

- Korhal Vanguard [Aura resistance]

- Nitrogen Retrofit [slow enemies with Q and R]

- Eletrical Mantle [To help survive when your oging to use your ulti]

- Small Hadron Collider [Position for Ulti]

- Yamato Reactor [faster channel]




Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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