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[Hero] Alibine.Strike


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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Alibine.Strike

Portrait: Ghost

Unit Base: Ghost

Type: INT [Hybrid Caster//Auto-Attack]



Starting Stats:

Base Health 300

Movement Speed – 2.8

Attack Range – 6

Attack Speed – 2

Base Damage – 43

Attack Name | Animation - Heavy Rifle

Base Armor – 2

Strength – 27 + [6]

Agility – 14 + [4]

Intelligence – 31 + [7]




Heroic Passive: Accurate Fire

"Alibine gains more attack speed and deals Spell Damage the closer an Enemy Hero is to him since his shots are more accurate and more likely to hit [including the vital spots]. He gains +7% Attack Speed for every Accurate Fire stack he has, starting at 1 stack at 5-unit away from Alibine. Every unit closer gives Alibine an addition stack which can stack up to 5 times (1-unit away with +35% Attack Speed from 5 stacks]. The stacks gain depend on the range of the closest hero to him. Alibine also deals a bonus 2 + [6%INT] Spell Damage per Accurate Fire Buff as well."


Effect: Bonuses at 5/4/3/2/1 [1 being 5 stacks] [10+[30%INT] Spell Damage] While that may seem OP, Jakk summers passive is actually 5[+25%INT] and thats from a distance, not melee ranged.




Ability One: Hookshot Rifle

"Alibine shoots a hookshot at a location. Upon hitting an enemy unit, the unit is stunned for 0.5 second and Alibine is pulled toward the unit at a speed of 12."

Energy Cost: 70//80//90//100

Cooldown: 20//18//16//14

Range: 6//7//8//9


Level 1: Deals 60[+60%INT] Spell Damage

Level 2: Deals 110[+60%INT] Spell Damage

Level 3: Deals 160[+60%INT] Spell Damage

Level 4: Deals 210[+60%INT] Spell Damage


Effect: Latch on an enemy, good for chase or harassment purposes




Ability Two: Focus Fire [Passive]

"Alibine is so focused on attacking a target. When Alibine damages a target with his basic attacks, they lose Spell Resistance for 2 seconds. In addition Alibine takes reduce Physical and Spell Damage from all heroes he hasn't attacked in 2 seconds with his basic attacks or Abilities."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: Basic Attacks.


Level 1: -8% Spell Resistance. +4% Physical and Spell Resistance

Level 2: -12% Spell Resistance. +6% Physical and Spell Resistance

Level 3: -16% Spell Resistance. +8% Physical and Spell Resistance

Level 4: -20% Spell Resistance. +10% Physical and Spell Resistance


Effect: This means he gains resistances if he isn't attacking the target. If your attacking a Shadow, the shadow will deal full damage to you, while a raynor or darpa attacking you will do 20% less damage since your focusing shadow, thus not attacking raynor or darpa. If you still don't understand you can think of it somewhat like Poppy's Ulti.. Kinda..




Ability Three: Rifle Smash

"Alibine takes his rifle and slams it on an enemy causing them to be stunned for 1.25 second. It deals both Physical and Spell Damage."

Energy Cost: 55//60//65//70

Cooldown: 14//13//12//11

Range: 2


Level 1: Deals 40[+50%INT] Physical Damage and 40[+50% Weapon] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deals 70[+50%INT] Physical Damage and 70[+50% Weapon] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deals 100[+50%INT] Physical Damage and 100[+50% Weapon] Spell Damage.

Level 4: Deals 130[+50%INT] Physical Damage and 130[+50% Weapon] Spell Damage.






Ultimate Ability: Extreme Shot

"Alibine fires an extreme shot at an enemy. The great force of the shot pushes the enemy back 3-units away from Alibine and is then stunned for 0.5 seconds. Alibine himself is also pushed 3-units away from his target as well. The targeted enemy takes Spell Damage. This ability deals more damage the closer Alibine is to his target. Dealing 100% Spell Damage at 12 units, and a Maximum of 300% Spell Damage at 2 units away from his target. This ability has 3 charges but can not be used rapidly within seconds. This ability has a 0.6 second channel. The Cooldown inbetween Charges is reduced by 0.5 seconds for each unit Alibine is closer to his target [Maximum lower is 5 seconds] starting from 12, where 12 reduces it by 0, and 2units will reduce it by 5. "

Energy Cost: 150//200//250

Cooldown: 60//50//40 [Cooldown Inbetween Charges: 15//13//11]

Range: 12


Level 1: Deals 75[+35%INT] Spell Damage

Level 2: Deals 125[+35%INT] Spell Damage

Level 3: Deals 175[+35%INT] Spell Damage


Effect: While this always hits, it is somewhat like the opposite of Nidalee's spear [Altho it pushes you away from the enemy and the enemy away from you as well]. The charges allow you to use this ability a lot more often, while the cooldown inbetween charges prevent spammability. The reason why there are charges instead of a short cooldown, is to prevent long range harassment, otherwise a person wouldn't take the risk of getting to close, and would just use Extreme shot at every chance without really any negative drawbacks because of the low cooldown if there was no charges. Charges allow use mutiple times during teamfight, but limits the amount you can use as harassment.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:


Ihan Crystal [sell later]

Nitrogen Retrofit


Yamato Reactor

Argus Crystal

Shrink Ray

Force of Entropy

[This provides with decent tankyness from Ihan stacks, Nitrogen Health, Yamato STR, and Force of Entropy high health. Shrinkray will help lower damage of the target your attacking, so that you take reduced damage from all the targets your attacking [since [W] passive will reduce damage taken from those your not attacking and shrinkray will lower their physical damage against you]. While you want high INT for some nice burst, it may not be enough, where Auto-Attacking will have to come in [especially since your more of a close ranged caster that focuses only on One target]. Because this hero has to be close and can only target one person at a time, you need someone to make you threatening and useful when you dedicate yourself to going in. Shrinkray and Starfury should help with attack speed and the Heroic passive should help with attack speed and Attack damage. If you really want more burst, you could trade a Force of Entropy or Shrink Ray for a Sunflare Gun.


Combos: [Q] -> [E] -> [R]


This is kinda like a Caster Bruiser hybrid. Note: He lacks armor and physical resistance so AA heroes are primarily good versus him [Ranged AA best as melee has some downfalls].



Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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