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Clan Tricky Recruiting


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Hey everyone,


Clan Tricky is looking to recruit a few new members as well. We intend to play in the clan tourneys and have competitive ih's with the other clans.


We're currently looking for good int players as well as those who have ih experience.


My name is Sid in game, character code 927. Please message me if your interested.




Also, to the other clans out there, let me know if you want to set up some clan battles.

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Yeah clan lAOSl would love to IH you anytime. We generally have 5-20+ people on mumble at any given time. We have our own channel in mumble also so if you want to look for us there that is the easiest. If not you can add me and we can work something out. Gladiator code 863

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Clan Axis is always looking for good teams to IH against!

You should IH versus ItsthatClan


If only i could find everyone...


[itsthatguy, BlueBird, Dark2Nes, Eliwan, Edge]

Our special team:

Itsthatguy: Own you will his irregular Item build which half the time makes absolutely no sense [yet sometimes works out if fed]

BlueBird: Rage at you and type a lot that will distract you

Dark2Nes: Lag out

Eliwan: Tell your team your mistakes and what items are the best and the stats

Edge: Not be here since I rarely even see him



What makes us even better, is that when all five of us are together [which is rare], we don't play AoS. So you won't know what we as a team will be doing! ELEMENT OF SUPRISE [for us too]

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