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Boros Spell Strom is busted.


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Don't think this is really a balance issue, but I couldn't figure out where too post this, so it's goin here!


Why does SS stop all damage from omni slash in a boros vs boros situation?

Tooltip states Omni is physical damage yet SS stops all dmg from it, why?


Yeah I know I typo Storm in title and tag! Don't flame me bra!

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It doesn't, I've test it. The issue is it doesn't proc items, and when enemies have 75% Physical resistant, your really only doing 50 physical damage per slash, and you probably missed 5 from hitting other people. Your heroic passive won't work either since they got SS on


Since it isn't a glitch: I'll say one that involves Omni-Slash


If Boro Omni-slashes another Boros, both boros will have animations of attacking regardless if the one being omnislash is just simply running. [Means that the attack animation for both of them is going off as it looks like they are attacking each other.]

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slightly off topic but

in boros vs boros

INT boros will most often lose to a weapdamage/agi boros

mirror matches are tricky....


well you both probably used ulti and ended up chasing each other and both are "questionably" untargettable..... i stand corrected on this though.....

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