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Hi, I'm NinjaStar! I play mostly Boros, Justicar, Raynor and T-bone, but tinker with all toons.

Don't mind me if I rage in a game your in, I tend too do this sometimes. I use competetive games as an anger outlet, in RL I'm super relaxed! So sorry in advance if i mean mug you for killing me! Been trying too rage less. XD


Hope too see you in a pub!

Going too try and check out the IH and Tourney community sometime soon!

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lol dont be stupid rage as much as you can, you better do it against some random internet guys that against your family and your friend irl, better leave the stress out typing YOU L2P MOTHEFUKER than making some kid cry in the park or making your mum slap you in your face


but i dont commend you to rage on mumble, by my experience i know that it makes other players be sad or mad


welcome btw to the forums

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