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[HERO] Hybrid.Maarauder


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A one-of-a -kind Terran/Protoss/Zerg hybrid, Maarauder operates a 5-4 Powered Armor suit equipped with psionic amplifiers and a psychic web field. Using these systems, Maarauder channels his mind's immense power into boosting his survivability and punishing his targets.

Portrait: Marauder

Unit Base: Marauder with ArchonMorph model attached to Center

Type: [Hard] Tank

Attribute: INT

Alignment: Lawful Evil


Starting Stats:

Health – 550 (250 base)

Movement Speed – 2.8

Attack Range – 5

Attack – Void Shells

Attack Speed – 1.9

Damage – 50 (32.5 base)

Armor – 0

Energy – 0

Strength 30 (+5)

Agility 12 (+3)

Intelligence 35 (+7)




Concentration Field

Maarauder converts a portion of incoming damage into energy for his use. Converts 20% of physical damage and 30% of spell damage. Passively, he gains 2+1*LVL Spell Resist.




Shockshield [Q]

Mana Cost: 90/105/120/135

Cooldown: 25/21/17/13

Cast Range: 5

Maarauder applies an effect to a target unit, causing that unit to project a shield over a radius of 2. The shield gives 20% damage resist and electrocutes any targets (see [E] for damage).

Level 1: 25 second cooldown, 5 second duration.

Level 2: 21 second cooldown, 6 second duration.

Level 3: 17 second cooldown, 7 second duration.

Level 4: 13 second cooldown, 8 second duration.





Psi Shock [W]

Mana Cost: 140

Charge Cooldown: 30/27/24/21

Cast Range: 8

Maarauder creates a 5 second psionic storm which electrocutes all targets that enter its radius.

Level 1: Max 2 charges.

Level 2: Max 3 charges.

Level 3: Max 4 charges.

Level 4: Max 5 charges.


Psionic Lightning [E]

Maarauder's spells electrocute targets, which cause them to deal spell damage to themselves and nearby enemies every second for 5 seconds.

Level 0: 15 (+16% INT) spell damage per second. No splash.

Level 1: 30 (+17% INT) spell damage per second. 0.5 unit radius.

Level 2: 40 (+18% INT) spell damage per second. 0.75 unit radius.

Level 3: 50 (+19% INT) spell damage per second. 1 unit radius.

Level 4: 60 (+20% INT) spell damage per second. 1.25 unit radius.


Void Drain [R]

Mana Cost: 100

Cooldown: 11

Cast Time: 0.5

Cast Range: 5

Maarauder appropriates a percentage of the target's maximum health in True damage, giving him temporary shields equal to the amount of True damage dealt that last 22 seconds.

Level 1: 7% of maximum health (+50% INT).

Level 2: 8% of maximum health (+50% INT).

Level 3: 9% of maximum health (+50% INT).

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I don't think this hero will be that great at tanking. 2 of his abilities do help it out a bit, but most of his skills are dps skills. The only reason erekul can tank effectively is because he has sustainability, physical resist and can shut down any AA carry with 1 spell.


Edit: Yes the E does increase the damage dealt, but you don't show the actual damage from Q or W itself. Also for E you have a level 0?

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His Q makes him deal crazy damage to anyone who attacks him--one hit means you take a boatload of spell damage and also deal it to your allies.

His W is certainly a DPS spell, no disagreement there.

His E increases the damage taken by attacking him during his Q.

His R is spammable and gives him a bit of shields every 11 seconds.


This means that he can hold off an engagement by casting his Q on himself, he can then gain shields after if he's expecting an attack.

Basically he's more of a pseudo tank because he's really item-dependent for tanking but he can do a lot of damage when attacked. Likewise erekul can just sit there spamming his Q if he gets attacked.


Get an organic carapace on this guy and you're set.

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