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How do you counter Tosh?


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Ban him like you would do with micro. Spell AoE cant kill spectres 80% of the time. They have high hp, spell resist and regen. they dont die like old tosh after 1 minute, so it doesnt require skill at all


You can buy rod and hammer for almost nothing an he will tank the shap out of you but he will deal a lot of damage anyway


Tosh and Toxi are making me mad because how powerful they are. they can tank, and deal a lot of damage



But hey jessika seems thar Dustin's rockets were too powerful, because, you know, hp is expensive and int cheap.


Everyone agree how powerful is toxi or micro in ih but its better to nerf dustin or give leo 5% more hp in sense of the weak or 15 more agi scaling on zera backstab... In other words, useless changes to feel they are balancing properly

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Shadowmourne costs almost 5000, and is pointless on a support INT hero but even I were to farm it as per your suggestion, it would take a long time to get it. Tosh can dominate early and mid game when you can't afford something like shadowmourne.


His skillset is absurd tbh and his specters like residente said are too tanky. I would've made a topic like this sooner but I don't really face that many Tosh players in pubs but today I realized just how effed up he is to deal with. DPS heroes shouldn't be dominating the early game, he's like toxi on steroids!



Is it me or does every hero in AoS have summons, AoE, CCs and not just INT support heroes? It feels messy sometimes and it's kinda getting to me. What's the point of having a team if almost every hero can solo. This is a different topic though.

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INT heros need love and they are nerfed. I don't care about MAAR tho, that piece of shap.


It's absurd how much hp you can get almost for nothing. As I said, with LR and Hammer you can get more than 700 extra hp and still get other stats such as damage, weapon speed, lightnings and slows,, so heroes like Toxi and Tosh, with a nightmare skillset can rape you anyway, tanking everyflobingthing

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That pretty much applies to every hero in a way. Teamwork can counter any hero but that doesn't excuse giving a single hero the skill set that allows him to become flobing Rambo. Insane DPS, AoE, Summons, True Damage, tankiness etc. all in one hero. Doesn't sound right and I'm yet to figure out the drawback.

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he isn't all that bad...... He can't leech while using his ulti and shrapnel isn't to bad against him any hero with are spell dam kills his specs most of the time paradox can help and if ur playing pubs why are u playing int? Or even support you can shap in pubs as a support

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Choose ranged hero. Build 2 quantam spades. Deny everything. Last hit if you can. Should be easy, no spectres.



dont you know the easy lane wich has 2 creep spots?


dont you know the hard lane wich has 1 save creep spot?


dont you know the middle lane wich has 2 save creep spots ?



anyway if you are going to a lane lets say bot, only kill the firebat and his bros or the thor and his bros or even the 2 firebat and the tank and their bros? its fking easy to get spectres even in pubs: every idiot is autoattacking and dont even know whats denieing...

why do you think tosh e deal that fking much dmg in a big area...maybe for gettng spectres ??image.jpg

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It is the item that is overpowered.


Lighting Rod, FoE give health AND weapon damage which should not happen.


Just bad item design in general and I've reported this many times to Redhydra :/


I agree with you, but I just would say that the prizes are terribly wrong.

In this game is TOO EASY to get Health for almost nothing. You can appreciate it every IH, LR and Pulse hammer on the AGI carry, he still carries but he also tanks. What the hell?


God you just pay 475 for 180 damned health, 800 for 280 +gold per second, 1050 for 430 health, come on. Then to get 42 shapty INT who will add 20-40 spell damage to your spells you have to pay 1850


But retards will still say: HEY COW IS OP I DIE SO FAST 2418177197.jpg

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^^ completely agree with you both

items that give HP for casters are;

1. nitrogen which is kinda comparable to pulse hammer




i mean FFS shrink ray has attack speed and procs on AA not spell damage...


hmm i guess it would also be too hard to have a movement style item for a caster too

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