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I've been thinking, should we create an HCC and ICC?


If we were to do so, should we start up an ICC before we begin an HCC? Because generally no one joins the ICC. If we could put some detail without drafting contents from the old forum (best if Banzaiguy got it), these would be my templates:


Hero Creation Competition


Judging Criteria


Creativity (35)

  • Hero Concept (10/10) - How would you play this hero? How would he react to other heroes? How would his play put impact to the game? What will be your first impression? What can he do?
  • Hero Viability & Originality (20/20) How interesting is he? Would he fit into our current gameplay? Will he be avoided? Is he challenging or exciting? Have we seen this in other ARTS games?
  • Hero Theme (5/5) Does his story touch you? Does the hero have cool effects or simplified effects?

Theoretical Balance (30)

  • General Balance (10/10) - How does this skill fit in? Does each skill have proper scaling? Are the skills nearly equally important and valuable?
  • Synergy Balance (20/20) - Do his abilities fail alone but work too well together? Does he have direct or indirect synergy? Does the mixed up general Balance provided the synergy balance we need?

Gameplay (25)

  • Role Synergy (10/10) - Does he fit as a caster, tank, support or DPS? Will his items supplement his build?
  • Flexibility of Play (5/5) Can you unleashes several kinds of combos? Can your combos kill or not?
  • Skill Ceiling (5/5)
  • Reactive Play (5/5)

Aesthetics (10)

  • Grammar & Definition (5/5)
  • Visual & Formatting (5/5)

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Oh, you've already done a template... Then I guess you could hold it yourself. Just create a proper HCC thread and I'll sticky it. Don't worry, organizers can participate as long as they don't judge.


I wouldn't recommend an ICC due to the lack of suggestions by different people.


Oh yea, and for the judging criteria, I feel that item flexibility is actually quite an insignificant field. I think it could actually be lumped together with role synergy, making the score 7/7 or 8/8, as items kinda define a hero's role. You could find some other category to toss the other points into.

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