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HP regen, STR

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Maybe it's a newb question, but

- does hp regen work when you're in combat? (I guess yes)

- does axe have effect on hp regen? (I guess no)


+1, the noobest one:

- sometimes it seems it's harder to make dmg on heroes with low hp (no healing), is there anything that makes this happen? Weird, but true.. (no potions, no healing, no fortify or anything, no items..)

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Do you mean heroes that have low hp totals? In that case its most likely you are referring to high armor agi heroes - their high armor makes them reduce pysical damage by 60-70% easily. They generally take much less auto attack damage than str heroes.


If you are talking about heroes being harder to kill when they are at low hp, its most likely explained by something like pyre which deals less damage the more hp you are missing, or lifetech nanosuit, which starts healing you when you get low hp. Also consider that when at low hp the enemy is most likely to use their F heal and other heals such as pots and eternal drive. This could account for what you are experiencing.


*Edit* Post a replay, it will be immediately obvious what is happening.

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