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[Hero] Shadin.Ralian


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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Shadin.Ralian

Portrait: Dark Templar

Unit Base: Dark Templar

Type: Agi [Jungler//Carry//Ganker]

Script: A legendary dark templar from the shadows, Shadin has been known for slaying grusome beasts including the legendary Torrasque by himself. He has masterful skills in the shadow, to be in the shadows. He has extreme stealth skills and usually can hide from almost anyone at ease before slaying them if he chooses to. He came to the Aeon of Storms to test his powers in battle, but found that this unique place can't support the conditions that allows him to masterfully cloak. He takes this to his advantage to learn how to fight and still be strong regardless of his limited cloaking abilities in the Aeon of Storms if an occasion like this ever occured in a dire situation.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 250

Movement Speed – 3

Attack Range – 1.25

Attack Speed – 1.7

Base Damage 49

Attack Name | Animation - Shadow's Blade

Base Armor 3

Max Energy 100

Strength – 22 + [5]

Agility – 41 + [7]

Intelligence – 23 + [5]




Heroic Passive: Shadow Depths

"When Shadin can't be seen on the map by any enemy hero, [cloak or fog of war], he gains 5 Energy per second. He loses 5 energy per second if he can be seen [revealed or can be seen on the map by looking at his location]. Each time he kills a unit he gains 10 Energy, and 50 Energy for a Hero Kill, and 20 Energy for an assist. For every 1 point of Energy Shadin has, he gains bonus Movement Speed, cooldown reduction, attack speed, and restores a portion of his maximum health per second. This stacks linearly with itself. Shadin doesn't gain the benefits of more energy from items, or INT, or regens from INT and items. He uses 'Shadow energy' instead of standard energy."


Effect: 1 Energy gives +0.2% Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Cooldown Reduction. Each energy also restores 0.01% Maximum Health per second. At Maximum Energy, it gives +20% Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Cooldown Reduction, and 1% Maximum Health. [Note how its 20% since it stacks linearly].

Note: His energy is a maximum of 100 [this isn't part of the Heroic passive tho]. If you have 15 Energy, that gives +3% of the others and +0.15% Maximum Health per second.



Ability One: Striking Shadows

"Shadin dashes to an enemy dealing spell damage on impact. During the dash, he is cloaked, but uncloaks once he hits his target."

Energy Cost: -20

Cooldown: 14//12//10//8

Range: 6.5//7.0//7.5//8.0


Level 1: Deals 60[+60%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deals 110[+60%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deals 160[+60%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 4: Deals 210[+60%INT] Spell Damage.


Effect: Use this to engage to an enemy fast instead of slowly walking to them. It make confuse them a bit since your cloaked during your dash as well. This ability is definately spammable.




Ability Two: Phantom Slash

"Shadin slices through an enemy, dealing [100% Weapon] Physical damage, bonus spell damage, and slowing the targets movement speed by 35% for 2 seconds. Shadin will stop at melee range from the enemy once he passes through it. In addition, this applies a Phantom debuff which lowers the physical resistance of the target for 5 seconds. Shadin has the option to reactivate the ability within 5 seconds if he has 25 Energy or more, which will cause the target with a phantom debuff to take spell damage and be stunned for 1 second which will consume the debuff, increasing the cooldown by 5 seconds too. Reactivating the ability costs 25 Energy."

Energy Cost -25 [Reactivate: 25]

Cooldown: 24//21//18//15 [+5 if Reactivate]

Range: 4


Level 1: Bonus 40(+30%INT) Spell Damage. Reactivate deals 60(+50%INT) Spell Damage. Phantom debuff lowers Physical Resistance by 8%.

Level 2: Bonus 60(+30%INT) Spell Damage. Reactivate deals 100(+50%INT) Spell Damage. Phantom debuff lowers Physical Resistance by 12%.

Level 3: Bonus 80(+30%INT) Spell Damage. Reactivate deals 140(+50%INT) Spell Damage. Phantom debuff lowers Physical Resistance by 16%.

Level 4: Bonus 100(+30%INT) Spell Damage. Reactivate deals 180(+50%INT) Spell Damage. Phantom debuff lowers Physical Resistance by 20%.


Effect: There is a reason you may not want to reactivate the ability. IT lowers p hysical resistance if you don't and you lose your energy you gain from the ability as well. It is best to re-activate the ability after 4 seconds [if you have energy, since your probably in sight you will have lost 20 energy during that]. If enemy just barely escaped, reactivate to stun them to either catch up, or kill them with it as well. Use your [Q] first then [W]. This ability is good at blocking enemies as well since you appear on the opposite side of them and they are slowd.




Ability Three: Shadow Channel

"Shadin can channel the energies of the shadows restoring a large portion of Energy. If he continues to channel this ability, he will disable the Heroic passive for the duration and drain 10 Energy per second, restoring a large amount of health per second. During this channel, Shadin gains a large amount of Physical and Spell Resistance. To channel, shadin must have at least 10 Energy or else the channel will end. This channel can last a maximum on 10 seconds."

Energy Cost: -20//-30//-40//-50

Cooldown: 30

Range: Self


Level 1: +20% Physical and Spell Resistance. Heals 30(+30%INT) per second.

Level 2: +30% Physical and Spell Resistance. Heals 60(+30%INT) per second.

Level 3: +40% Physical and Spell Resistance. Heals 90(+30%INT) per second.

Level 4: +50% Physical and Spell Resistance. Heals 120(+30%INT) per second.


Effect: If your in serious trouble, use this ability, it will provide nice buffs for your Heroic passive if you need to escape. Or you could channel it which you still gain the energy, but you will start losing some [regardless if not in sight], but gain massive resistances and heal. [Has some similarity to Master Yi's Heal, but requires energy per second instead, and can be used just to gain Energy quickly instead]. He can't attack during the channel.




Ultimate Ability: Shadow's World

"Shadin causes the Aeon of Storms itself to dim for 4 seconds, lowering all enemies on the map's Sight by 2 for 4 seconds. Shadin gains a Shadow buff which makes him become transparent because of this and removes all indications of him being there [removes hero's health bar and on the map location], and restores 5 energy per second. During shadow debuff, the abilities Shadin use have their cooldowns reduced by half and enemies in a 10-unit Radius from Shadin will lose 3 Sight [stacks with global effect]. Shadin restores a large portion of his energy as well. This ability also gives Shadin a passive as well. If Shadin isn't within a certain radius of any enemies [this includes creeps, but not neutrals], Shadin will cloak."

Energy Cost: -50//-75//-100

Cooldown: 130110//90

Range: Self


Level 1: Active Lasts 8 seconds. Passive: Cloak if no enemy is within a 12-unit Radius of Shadin.

Level 2: Active Lasts 10 seconds. Passive: Cloak if no enemy is within a 10-unit Radius of Shadin.

Level 3: Active Lasts 12 seconds. Passive: Cloak if no enemy is within a 8-unit Radius of Shadin.


Effect: This hero becomes hard to see. Imagine shadow's occulusion at full stacks [without smovement speed], but the Name//Health bar indicator isn't above the hero. Shadin can use his Q to confuse people. If he isn't in fog of war and is visible to enemy, he has a 0 Energy rate [ulti gives 5 per sec while Heroic passive loses 5 per sec]. He gains 10 energy per sec because Ulti + Heroic passive work together. The dim is to indicate you use it to allow others to know. It may be OP if you use just out of enemies vision and suddenly drop in health because of a transparent hero.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:

- Time Splitter [High attack speed and damage, lowers timescale]

- Blackhole Magnum [bursty damage goes well with Q]

- Pyre [Deal some spell damage please, armor is pretty strong]

- Force of Entropy [slow enemy more to allow more hits without moving so often. Also provides pretty tankyness]

- Aggressor's Guise [Health and AGI. Cloaks to help your Heroic Passive if there is no truesight//boundary scanner. For 1 second, you restore 5 energy, instead of losing 5 Energy. Also gives a lot of movement speed if cloaked as well, and the slow should help too].

- Masamune [Grants movement speed and attack damage and timescale.]

With these items, you shud have fairly high damage, very high AGI, and also decent health by about 3000 Hp.


I would suggestion jungling. It will maximize the Heroic Passive early game. Enemies can't see you, so you gain a lot of bonus movement speed to get to place to place, heal health, and gain attack speed. It becomes easier to gank others as well. This hero doesn't have really any energy cost except his E, but getting energy is good to deal more damage. He takes almost no effort to jungle as well so there should almost be no big deal, as you won't have to do the inconvience of healing even if you did didn't do good killing some the creeps. Your ulti is very good for ganking as it should suprise many people. People will KNOW you use it, but they may not see you at first. Just beware if you use it to gank, your enemies will most likely start to retreat.


You can also go INT, but you need a StarFury. INT can work, but is more of bursty and can heal pretty effectively. Ulti is very useful for an INT build.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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I just skimmed it but seems very strong, too strong.

I don't really see how he is really strong, except for that he has amazing jungling skills [Makes Much Earlier Aeon and Levi].


He is a melee hero so he definately need some type of initiation or some form of a way to get on an enemy [Q], and a way to stay on them [W]

His [E] is more for emergancy situations if your going to die, or to stay in a lane.

He indeed is very strong, but he is melee, and he doesn't really have any ability that keeps him alive longer, except his [E]. and his [E] stops him from attacking [and can be broken by stuns//silence].

He is probably completely relient on his ulti mid and late game, since he will be focus by the enemy, it makes him harder to focus him at least. [Note: you can still see him, as a shadow is produced from his transparency just like shadow].


Just the main reason is ---> He is melee range.

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