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Do you like dancing?


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I like dancing and I am a pro dancer ( I can dance many styles) .


I have danced a lot many tmes i many places, before mainly in discos but now on trains, on the street, on bathroom, everwhere is a good place. Mainly single dancing since some crazy people think I a ad cause of that but that is incorrect.


So I am looking for a Pro dancing couple.



Thank you.

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Do you like doing useless threads? my beloved friend


Anyway ask GuZ, he will be your boii if you ask




Wow quistmann can you don't edit this? please bro, Takeray is like my best friend forever in the AoS context so you know we can say that kind of things to each other without hurting feelings. If he is rly offender ill just kiss him and dont do it again ok? ok


ill edit it again like it was

Edited by residente
play nice
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