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Hero Demo


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I was planning to make a full hero to demonstrate how to use the editor to those who are curious, but I simply haven't had the time to finish it, and that won't seem to be changing any time soon. So, I thought that I would upload what I did finish and throw in the towel.



The model I chose was Nova, just to keep it simple. Her weapon is functional, and there are three abilities in varying stages of completion:



Her heroic passive gives her a movement speed boost when she is facing an enemy unit, and is fully functional. Her Q is a ranged skill-shot that deals area damage. All affected units pull each other towards one another for a brief period. Her W and E were not done. Her R calls down an "orbital strike" at the target location, bombarding it with area damage explosions for about 6-8 seconds.



Her veterancy is done, her attributes are done, so most of the stats are there, except for armor.


Anyways, if this kind of thing interests you, feel free to take a look.




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