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New Futures


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Hey everyone!


I think Aeon Of Storms needs few new futures. It would be cool.


One of them is a new map. Of course only new textures or something like that. Maybe new ways or some new forest :)

Next thing is (i don't remember name) tower which gives you larger view of the map. game would be more interesting.


In a past player could check stats on the icon of hero... now he can't. That was pretty exciting.


And next huge idea is a new shop in a forest with diffrent items than in the shop. Instead of this shop maybe add something like 'change your build' for 4k of minerals, for people who have choosen wrong build, or 'buy tank' for 2k of minerals, for example for better push.


Last thing is to increase levels to about 22 lvl :)


Thanks (sorry for bad english) :)

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Personally, I don't agree to any of these. I don't want this discussion to dwell further, so I will end it here:

  • New Map: The map had great changes recently, and the new map is very interesting and beautiful. There are some glitches though.
  • Xel'Naga watch towers would make the concept of a jungle and good pathing obsolete.
  • The stats of the hero are given at the center of your user interface. Hover the icons for more information. This doesn't need change. Personally, I don't think we even need a time scale counter and one for time also, as these will be too complex to make, and RNG has enough problems. If you mean the icon of the enemy hero, and the game stats, no, that would just bring up bias and unfair play. If you mean in-game stats on the icon of an enemy/allied hero, no once again, because it will eliminate the purpose of suffering a hero lock just to see the stats, and the items tell the stats already.
  • The shop in the forest is not a good idea IMO. Currently, jungling is contestably overpowered, due to the bonuses by the major creeps in each camp. Adding a shop in the forest goes with the scheme of DotA's Secret Shop, which is vaguely unneeded in the game. We should fix current problems before we go even thinking into adding something huge. Buying mercenaries has phased out for the game, at least for now. Back when there were beacons, the forest was too easy to guard, too, especially how Vorpal can use these for spheres.
  • I believe RNG stated something before, when the game was still SotIS, that he didn't extend the level cap because we don't need the extra levels, as this would make some heroes overpowered as to being a hyper carry, and because there really is no effective purpose for it.

I would elaborate and thoroughly think about these suggestions if I were to post.

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