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[Hero] Figment.Imagination


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- Began creation ^-^

Changelog: 5/7/2013

Changed Figment.Imagine to Figment.Imagination


Name: Figment.Imagination

Portrait: Purple archon, slightly transparent

Unit Base: Purple archon, slightly transparent

Type: INT [utilities//Support//Semi-Tank]

Script: An archon who was long in ancient protoss times near the beginning of the protoss which died off early. These types of archons worked in specialized psionic abilities, which caused them to lack in physical ability to eventually was their downfall as they weren't able to physically defend themselves. They were greatly remembered, and the protoss are always trained in physical//magic combat for this cause. Figment is a special archon who is in the FIG plan, [imaginary dream world], who was able to use strong enough with the help of the memories of many others to develope his powers. He was able to test combat magic and abilities on the other FIG monsters and creatures. He eventually became strong enough to rip a tear into the dream world and come to the Aeon of Storms to test his abilities out. He is a master is the Element: Fig


Starting Stats:

Base Health 300

Movement Speed – 3

Attack Range – 4.5

Attack Speed – 2

Base Damage – 58

Attack Name | Animation - Fig-Shock

Base Armor – 1337

Strength – 31 + [6]

Agility – 11 + [2]

Intelligence – 32 + [6]




Heroic Passive: Element: Fig

"Figment is literally a figment. Because of this he can not take any physical damage. Figment gains 100% Physical Resistance and converts 70% of Physical Damage taken into Spell Damage taken. Gravity edge will not effect the convertion."


Effect: You do 500 Weapon damage, then you deal 350 Spell damage to figment. This means he only has to focus on spell resistance. If you get Gravity edge, you weapon damage will not convert to true damage. Although your Spell damage from items will still do true damage.




Ability One: Mind Warp

"Figment warps the mind inflicting a Confusion debuff on an enemy which causes them to walks in the direction they are facing for a couple seconds, and lose 35% Movement Speed for a duration [only stopping when hitting a wall or terrain] and dealing True Damage. For 6 seconds, the target loses Spell Damage as well."

Energy Cost: 80//100//120//140

Cooldown: 24//22//20//18

Range: 5//6//7//8


Level 1: Enemy walks and is slowed for 1.25 seconds. Lower Spell Damage by 15%. Deals 60[+50%INT] True Damage.

Level 2: Enemy walks and is slowed for 1.50 seconds. Lower Spell Damage by 20%. Deals 100[+50%INT] True Damage.

Level 3: Enemy walks and is slowed for 1.75 seconds. Lower Spell Damage by 25%. Deals 140[+50%INT] True Damage.

Level 4: Enemy walks and is slowed for 2.00 seconds. Lower Spell Damage by 30%. Deals 180[+50%INT] True Damage.


Effect: If enemy is facing you, and you use this, they are slowed by 35% as they are forced to walk towards you [can't cast abilities during this or attack]. This ability is like a stun though in some respect that you can't cast abilities or attack during it. Just be sure to use it at the perfect timing.




Ability Two: Strengthened Mind.

"Figment gains Spell Resistance per INT he has and more health based on a % of his Energy. Figment's Auto-attacks will also deal Spell Damage based on his [iNT]"

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: None


Level 1: 0.030% Spell Resistance per INT. Gain health equal to 4% Maximum Energy. AA deals bonus 10[+8%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2: 0.045% Spell Resistance per INT. Gain health equal to 6% Maximum Energy. AA deals bonus 15[+12%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3: 0.060% Spell Resistance per INT. Gain health equal to 8% Maximum Energy. AA deals bonus 20[+16%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 4: 0.075% Spell Resistance per INT. Gain health equal to 10% Maximum Energy. AA deals bonus 25[+20%INT] Spell Damage.


Effect: With 500 INT, you can get up to like 33% Spell Resistance. :P I suggest upping this last tho. If you get a massive amount of Energy, you get decent health too. Otherwise, you shouldn't get to much health. Gives you a little more reason to get some INT items.




Ability Three: Dream Relm

"Figment remembers how the pathing use to be before the Aeon of Storms conflict. He rips a hole into the dream relm immediately leaving a trail for a duration [this path has a 3-unit Width] which allows his teammates to enter the dream relm as well to be on the path too. When figment is in the dream relm, he gains bonus Spell Damage and Spell Resistance and also allows him to travel on impassible terrain along with his allies as long as the allies stay on the path. If allies are on impassible terrain, the path will stay open until all allies are not longer on impoassible terrain or in locations that will cause them to be stuck. If on impassible locations // stuck locations allies or Figment can not Recall if they are still on the pathing. Allies on the path gain movement speed including figment. The path is immediately removed once all the following apply, and when the buff expires. "

Energy Cost: 70//80//90//100

Cooldown: 35//30//25//20

Range: Self


Level 1: Dream Path lasts 4 seconds. You and allies gain +20% Movement Speed. You Gain +6% Spell Resistance and Spell Damage.

Level 2: Dream Path lasts 6 seconds. You and allies gain +25% Movement Speed. You Gain +10% Spell Resistance and Spell Damage.

Level 3: Dream Path lasts 8 seconds. You and allies gain +30% Movement Speed. You Gain +14% Spell Resistance and Spell Damage.

Level 4: Dream Path lasts 10 seconds. You and allies gain +35% Movement Speed. You Gain +18% Spell Resistance and Spell Damage.


Effect: This means if the buff creating the path expires, the path itself expires, including the path you just made 1 second ago. So the path doesn't work like Unix's Heroic Passive. The path stays there, and is immediately removed when the following apply [and the buff expires]. If your stuck in a bad spot, try using this ability to cut shortcuts and gain speed. It also provides decent resistances for yourself. Could be useful in ganking too. The other description is to prevent allies from being stuck. If it happens anyways, you could always remake a path to them, or just use return [as the path shud expire, if you can't use teleport because of the path, there should be a way to get back if you follow the path]. Enemies will not recieve any of these buffs.




Ultimate Ability: Nightmare

"Figment causes a massive nightmare, which deals large damage and stuns the target for 1 second. If the target doesn't die, they gain a restoration buff which restore health equal to a % of damage they took over 10 seconds. In addition, if nightmare doesn't kill the target, his cooldown is reduced by 50%. If Nightmare kills a target, it will refund all mana used and restore 20% of Figment's Maximum Health. If a unit dies from nightmare of during the restoration buff, a memory [clone] of the target spawns where they died. This memory is an invulnerable clone which lose 80% of it's Movement Speed, Attack Damage, and Spell Damage, but copies items and unique items, Heroic Passives, and Ability passives which will last up to 8 seconds. Channel 1 second"

Energy Cost: 200//300//400

Cooldown: 50//40//30

Range: 5 [stop channel if enemy runs past 6-Ranged radius]


Level 1: Deals 300[+100%INT] Spell Damage. Restores 50% of Damage done back as health over 10 seconds.

Level 2: Deals 450[+100%INT] Spell Damage. Restores 40% of Damage done back as health over 10 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 600[+100%INT] Spell Damage. Restores 30% of Damage done back as health over 10 seconds.


Effect: A strong ability that is his finisher. You can also use it to a lot even if it won't kill as you may make a memory, and your cooldown is by half. Try to use it to get the enemy down to extremely low health [as the healing takes a while], so that you will allow you AA carry get the kill, you get a memory clone, and you cooldown is only half since you didn't get the kill.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build: Try to avoid: AGI and Armor items as they barely give you any benefits [Armor gives no benefit while AGI only gives Attack Speed].

- Impact Dial [Goes well with Q, if you get them with Q, then you can impact them farther]

- Eletrical Mantle [spell Resist, and health]

- Spell Buffer [spell Resistance and moar Spell Resistance]

- Nitrogen Retrofit [Health and some INT. Slow comes in use during Auto-Attacking. The INT shud give a slight bit of Spell Resistance from passive]

- Silver Soul [Move speed + Spell Resistance]

- Organic Carapace [Massive Health + fast Hp restore]

(Ihan Crystal Along the way)

(Eternal drive can be useful too)



Decent utilities, in catching enemies off gaurd that are passing lanes surrounded by walls that are normally impassable

A pull like ability

Multiple stun like abilities

Can deal a decently large amount of damage to a single target [ulti]

Doesn't have to worry about physical damage at all.

Since physical damage is converted to Spell Damage, they can not leech off of you.

INT can give some tankyness

Auto-Attack deals partly spell damage which can be usueful since it is mixed damage and can slow with nitrogen.



- Mid-game, armor usually higher than spell resistance. So that may be a slight issue as you take more damage until you reach late game.

Can only focus one hero at a time

- AGI is very low, so there is nearly NO hope of going Auto-attack for damage without being a glass cannon, and INT damage is rather limited.


Suggestion to do:

- Use your Q to initiate with Impact Dial

- Use Nightmare on targets who you think will die soon [but not to nightmare], this way you make a clone of them and have a lower CD and dont still the kill. Hopefully the clone will provide during the team battle, Heroic Passive auras or some types of auras [Like Leo's Movement Speed or raynor's command aura or maybe a boitron with CoA]. The low movement speed and damage is to prevent a clone owning an enemy team since it is invulerable. Why make it attack? so FoE still can apply.

Try to build Spell Resistant items.

- Later game, use Nightmare as harassment, as they don't restore an entirely alot since it is only 30% for massive damage and a low CD for a non-kill.

- During a teamfight, if the enemy AA is attacking your allies, and your Q is on cooldown, try to use Q then R on them [3 sec stun, and will help move them towards your allies to hit them]. Use [(E) Dream Relm to get close to enemies or gank at places which people wouldn't expect you to be or provide escape routes for allies.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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