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Things that cause towers to attack you


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I wanted to find out and get to know all things, that cause the tower to attack you. Would be nice if people could add abilitys and other items. Not talking about tempel tower, I know that this one is totaly wasted -.-"


The items I'm sure about are:


Barbed plating


Superheated mantle


Electric mantle


Explosive retrofit

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Towers won't attack you unless you attack the tower itself with a hero nearby. If you attack the enemy hero next to the tower, it shouldn't target you. Only if you attack the tower it seems :)


They don't care if you are dieing. They only care if they themselves are taking damage when your near them, but not defending.


There motto: "Well if your not defending me. I'll defend myself you biatch" ----> 5 minutes later when you get tower dived ---> "Well you didn't help defend me during that push so i ain't helping your ass Raynor."

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lol wut either you are blind or you have hax


towers attack u if you attack an enemy hero and your within range of tower, but that has nothing to do with this thread... its about items that people use that count as damage and thus the tower changes aggro to you


super heated is new, it didnt used to change aggro on that which is nice to see that it is finally fixed


also i would like to know how spell dmg & true dmg affects towers & also spells

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Not really, as long as super heated isnt hitting an enemy hero, youre fine.


That item has 5 units range, and the most popular heros buying this item have much less attack range: Vorpal, Drake, Justicar, Brine, Boros, Veril, Erekul, Bio, Micro, Tassadar

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It happened to me that the tower just attacked me in a friendly creepwave, without me attacking an enemy hero -.-" If towers weren't bugged, that'd be great


you sure there was no cloaked hero nearby?

where you shadow and did you ult at the tower? (unfortunate but his ult reduces vision to 0 so if you hit the right spot the tower can only see you)

was there only a siege tank left? (this is quite common where the aggro radius is smaller than towers attack range and because siege sometimes sits borderline the tower will only see you at first so it will prioritize to kill target in aggro range before full attack range)


btw no item actually makes the tower attack you personally, its just the fact that if your items unique / your ability manages to hit a hero it will attack you

such things did not use to be the case (i.e. bugs) such as SHM, you could just waltz around the tower with your shm rubbing up against an enemy hero and tower wouldnt aggro you but this was recently fixed)

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