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[Hero] Fragg.Nephilim



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Fixed attack range, it was ment to be 7 not 3

Added health for traps and resist so aoe spells cant destroy them. and explination how they are set.

Increased based range of ultimate to compete with other pulls.



Back story





With Fragg's natural abilities of high mobility and skill at tracking and setting traps Raynor had a modified reaper suit built. giving her room to carry her devices but also giving her increased movement speed.



Name: Fragg.Nephilim

Portrait: Female demon hunter head from Diablo 3

Unit Base: Reaper with out helmet(Demon hunter head) with Nova's sniper rifle

Type: Hybrid Support//DPS ---> AGI

Script: A Demond hunter who's DNA has been altered with Zerglin DNA by the protoss. The alteration has given her increased mobility and heighten senses. Offered the chance to join Jim Raynor to learn more about the universe and kill more zerg.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 300

Movement Speed 3

Attack Range 7

Attack Speed – 1.9

Base Damage – 47

Attack Name | Animation - Nova/rancor attack.

Base Armor 3

Strength – 24 + [4]

Agility – 32 + [7]

Intelligence – 24 + [5]




Traps: All traps have 90 health and 100% spell resist. Trap placement is 0.5 sec cast. once casted traps are active, meaning they can proc their effect instantly after set. example, your fighting Lord Z you set landmine where he is standing. after 0.5 sec cast it blows up.



Heroic Passive: Heighten Senses

"When one of Fragg's traps become active she gains 1+(0.1*lvl) movement speed for 3 seconds as well as able to detect movement 7 units around where the trap was active for 6 seconds."


Effect: If a trap is activated she gains movement speed as well as the she gains the ability like Dustin's drone gives him. The mini map will show enemy movement in the area like if you had a ward there.




Ability One: Landmine

"Fragg places a landmine down, any enemy in 3 unit range will activate it. The enemy that activates the landmine will be stunned for 1 second. Landmine deals spell damage in a 5 unit radius. The concussion from the landmine slows enemies for 2 seconds by 50%. Upon taking damage from landmine enemies will gain a buff making them immune to its damage but not stun/slow. Buff last 5 seconds." [Trap last 6 minutes, can only have one on the field at a time, unless you have points in E]

Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 30//25//20//15

Range: 2


Level 1: Deals 80[+50%INT] spell damage.

Level 2: Deals 160[+50%INT] spell damage.

Level 3: Deals 240[+50%INT] spell damage.

Level 4: Deals 320[+50%INT] spell damage.


Effect: Trap should work like Grunty's mine for placement and activation is instant. Only the Hero/creep that sets it off is stunned. The reason you can only take damage from one is so its not OP. having 5 mines blow up instantly would be like Jakk's ultimate.




Ability Two: Smoke Cloud

"Fragg places a smoke mind on the battle field. When activated a large cloud of smoke instantly covers the field in a 7 unit radius. The smoke being so thick anyone inside of the smoke lose vision and anyone out side of the smoke can not see in. Upon leaving the cloud of smoke Enemies will have movement speed slowed by 20% for 2 seconds." [Trap last 6 minutes, can only have one on the field at a time, unless you have points in E]

Energy Cost: 30//55//80//105

Cooldown: 30//25//20//15

Range: 2


Level 1: Smoke Cloud last 4 seconds

Level 2: Smoke Cloud last 5 seconds.

Level 3: Smoke Cloud last 6 seconds.

Level 4: Smoke Cloud last 7 seconds.


Effect: Smoke Cloud should work like grunty's mine for placement and activation is instant. The effect should work like the consumable smoke bomb except an enemy must walk over it or destroyed.




Ability Three: Trap launcher

"Fragg's increased skills with traps allows her to place more on the battle field as well as the ability to lay traps with more distance. Fragg gains the ability to lay more traps of each type on the battle field. when activated she can place a trap at a further distance." [if no traps are currently on the field this ability's cool down is refreshed]

Energy Cost: 60//80//100//120

Cooldown: 40//35//30//25

Range: N/A


Level 1: Increase number of each trap on the field by 1. [Activate] Increase the distance of next trap placed by 2 unit.

Level 2: Increase number of each trap on the field by 2. [Activate] Increase the distance of next trap placed by 3 units.

Level 3: Increase number of each trap on the field by 3. [Activate] Increase the distance of next trap placed by 3 units.

Level 4: Increase number of each trap on the field by 4. [Activate] Increase the distance of next trap placed by 4 units.


Effect: This ability allows you to increase the range of placing trap it should look like when Jakk tosses his mine field out and you see a small object fly in the air to the spot.




Ultimate Ability: Snare

"Frag places a Snare to trap an enemy Hero. When activated the enemy hero is silenced, either destroyed or triggered. The force of the snare injures the Hero dealing spell damage and slowing movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. The snare is pulled to where Fragg was when casted. [Trap last 6 minutes, can only have one on the field at a time, unless you have points in E]. Enemy heroes gain a buff once being being affected by snare. Buff grants them Immunity to The damage and pull for 5 seconds. Can still be affected by the silence.(only affects heroes not creep)

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: 60//45//35

Range: 5


Level 1: Deals 300[+50%INT] spell damage. Silences for 1 second.

Level 2: Deals 400[+50%INT] spell damage. Silences for 2 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 500[+50%INT] spell damage. Silences for 3 seconds.


Effect: The speed of the pull should be like drakes lance, almost instantly. Since the trap will take about a second to pull the enemy in at rank 3 they will only be silenced for 2 seconds once the snare gets to the end point. The silence stops enemies from immediately blinking away once snared.




When Laying down Snare you can use E ability to give it more distance up to 7 and at the end point lay a land mine down. this will in return deal a nice amount of damage as well as stun them for 1 sec at the end of the pull. as Intel build with 600 intel this combined will do about 1500 damage before mitigation. vs casters this can cost you, your life walking into it as a tank with mitigation it will just slow you down. If building Fragg as a Auto attacker snaring someone can be their doom as they will be slightly slowed and silenced.


EDIT: Having the ability to lay multi mines gives you map control. a couple examples are

1: put a smoke cloud on tower. when enemy tries to tower dive you lose vision.

2: smoke cloud and landmine in front of daggoth and aeon. as enemy goes to kill them they take damage and lose vision while informing you they are there. they will have to wait at rank 4, 7 seconds before starting the attack. giving you and team time to get there.

3: when in long lane with out the help of a tower you can place the traps at all entrances to that lane slowing their advances to get you as well as informing you they are coming. well placed smoke clouds will help escape since they will lose vision.

4: a snare trap near a tower will pull enemy hero to that tower stopping heroes like micro from just blinking out.

5: if you are vs stronger opponents you could instead set up snare trap to pull them away from the tower/you when they trigger it.

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While i like the hero and theme, the only thing that bothers me, is the hero seems to have absolutely no use in certain situations i feel. Because every abilities are traps, it makes the hero seem like the Ultimate Turtle hero. I can't really see her being a very effective Auto-Attack either, because it seems that her auto-attack, as being short ranged and abilities that don't immediately amplify the hero, makes him rather weak on an Auto-attack.


My question is: How long does it take for the mines to activate when applied. In my experiance, usually when ppl place mines, they don't become active until 3 seconds after cast [Like jakk's ulti and grunty's [W]] If there is only a 1 second delay, enemies will almost never dodge it, while if there is a long delay, it can't be useful in team fights. Also, how much health do the mines have? So, is this hero a map control hero? He seems more like the human ward, which can be useful, but can really fall out late game. I do like the idea of the ulti tho :P


P.S. Thanks for bring up the topic of mines. It just reminded me to post a glitch involving grunty's Swamp mines. :P

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I fixed her attack range it was suppose to be 7 like nova. since she is using same rifle.

Laying the mine is suppose to be like grunty's where he places them fast. but are active as soon as he cast the ability. as in they can go off once casted. and they deal their effect instantly, not like jakk's ulti where they take 2 seconds. when an enemy walkers over it or attacks it they do their effect.


In team fights he can lay down a smoke cloud trap for when you have to run away and enemy follow. launch a landmine using E in to a group of enemy dealing AOE damage and slowing. or can use her ulti with combination of E to pull like drake does but only one enemy. and snare only procs on enemy heroes so you wont grab creep with it. or to have a lot of fun with a team fight. she can launch smoke could at enemies. then your team engages and uses scanner. might only work 2-3 times doing that in a game before they catch on.


Using her Traps properly she is great at being an escape artist or good chaser. since once a trap is proced she gains movement speed. so if you want to chase an enemy, you launch a trap at them when it is hit you gain movement speed to get infront of them. or when you are escaping you lay a trap and when they run over it she gains speed. the speed only last 3 seconds so if the enemy is like drapa with phantom menace he still might catch you.


Thanks for pointing out I had wrong attack range and to give health to the mines.

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Grunty's mines are instant, in fact, they have a three second delay on them. If they die before three seconds, the trigger doesn't proc.


So a 0.5 second cast time. Hm.. I can see smoke cloud being an issue since it really is more of a neutral thing. The real only benefit you get is that you place where it is [which is useful]. But if enemy has a scan or if there is a rancor, the person with scans // rancor will have the upper hand. I would hate to play a smoke cloud, only to have rancor scan and reveal that area so that the enemy can kill your entire team, while your entire team has to bail since they lack vision :P

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the point of the smoke cloud is more of a utility for her and allies to escape since it will end up slowing enemy, but I was just saying u can use it for team fights if your team has scans and enemy do not. but when it comes to the escaping part. like vs bio ulti. of if shadow does his ulti. you can escape and if they follow out of the smoke they are slowed by 20% for 2 seconds.


when you put things together lets say you have your snare set up, and at the end of your snare your land mine. and about 7 more units back your smoke cloud. troll enemy into your snare, they get pulled 1 sec stun and silence while taking a decent amount of damage. kill them off. as their team mate is running in to help them you escape pass your smoke cloud. enemy follows and procs it helping your escape. or set up a line of ur snare and landmines with a smoke cloud about one unit infront of snare. this way they walk smoke cloud and set it off then one hits the snare. about 5 units apart for each set. force team fight. first enemy gets pulled and killed. while other mates cant really see what's going on. you guys enemy team chases as im sure one person will be low. next enemy gets snared and landmined. kill them off and so on down the line if they are crazy enough to keep following. possibly set some traps on the sides of the area incase someone trys to flank. a snare on the side to prevent gank can be set up to pull enemy away from the fight slowing their advance.

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true sight > this hero


we all know how useless jakk can be end game because you just buy truesight and his ulti is useless, your proposing a hero with all cloaked placeable item style spells

The blinding works like shadows ulti except you don't get vision if your on the outside either. So Truesight doesn't work. On the otherside, Scans like Rancor's and Boundary scanner still would work


This means it is NOT a cloak

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ok obviously you dont understand me, im no debating if spell W "smoke cloud" works like that


im saying that if you buy truesight you can run around the map and see everyone of his little traps making all his spells useless because not a single trap will go off because they just get destroyed

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ok obviously you dont understand me, im no debating if spell W "smoke cloud" works like that


im saying that if you buy truesight you can run around the map and see everyone of his little traps making all his spells useless because not a single trap will go off because they just get destroyed

Well it would definately limit it, but wouldn't fully limit all the abilities. The mines have a 0.5 second delay before activating. You can apply this as a skill shot. I would level up [E] first. Once you get [R], you can place one on the enemy with your [E], which will almost instantly pull them as they have no time to react [0.5 secs very small interval for reacting in SCII]. So early game, you gotta rely on that long ranged Attack range while mines are for defensive purposes. Mid / Late game, you'll have to use them to hit enemies or place them like wards. Place them at choke points where a team battle may happen so they don't have time to kill the traps when engaging. Or simply just place the mine on the enemy which will almost insta-hit [and possibly pull]. :P



P.S. Cooldown on Smoke Grenade shud be 30//25//20//15?


But i do have to say, the hero seems more like a boring hero to play. Not really that fun to play [for me at least, because i like extreme mobility and teleport spam].

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