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shadow mourne


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How does shadow mourne interact with shrink ray? Is it ever worth it to use this item to proc defensive auras? Cool ideas?

you can use shadowmourne to steal enemy auras - Ie: Enemy micro has a coat of arms, but your team doesn't. You however, have a shadowmourne. Attack micro - creating a shadow of micro. That shadow provides coat of arms buff to you and your allies. Likewise for korhal, spellbuffer, superheated mantle/nitrogen, chilling. Also, while the shadow of micro does not have any skill levels - it does have the heroic passive (ie: fast twitch in this case, but you could steal: Lz's physical resist aura, Rory's -% spell resist aura, Kitty's movespeed aura, Nulls' time aura, and i assume every other heroic passive (ie: boros' burning blade and nova's mark))


you have shadow mourne and shrinkray. You attack enemy boros who has 100 wpn damage, reducing his weapon damage by 35% to 65. You also create a shadow of boros that has his stats and items which does 30% of the damage boros should do = 100*.3 = 30 wpn damage per AA. debuffs/buffs on boros do not apply to the shadow.





yeah i wondered how these 2 worked together

also how does shrink ray and barbed work?


You attack enemy with shrinkray, reducing his weapon damage by 35%. He goes from 100 wpn damage to 65, and attacks you, attempting to deal 65 weapon damage. Barbed deals 50% of that back to him in spell damage (65*50% = 32.5 spell damage)

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