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hero made.


buffed E.


changed the r skill.

nerfed r.



name : Teldranis Azadar

Portrait: Probe

Unit Base: Nullifier

Type: pusher/jungler/support

Script: When the zerg became powerfull enough to kill the protoss, the protoss needed to find a way to became stronger. This is what lead to the making of the sentries.Teldranis was a high templar that was killed in the great brood war unlike other high templar Teldranis was going to get rebuild as a dragoon using the power of the psionic however. The protoss needed a test subject to test the sentry design so they rebuild Teldranis as a sentry. Teldranis was given too much psionic power, Teldranis killed all the protoss in sight. Teldranis knowing what he did left the protoss to never again harm anyone and try to bring peace to all the wars. Teldranis found out about the battle of the aeon of storms thinking that he can bring peace to the zerg and the protoss he joined the battle.


Starting Stats:

Base Health – 230

Movement Speed – 2.85

Attack Range – 5.5

Attack Speed – 1.8

Base Damage– 30

Base Armor – 2

Strength 26 + [4]

Agility 32+ [6]

Intelligence 34 + [6]







Heroic Passive:

Increase experience gain of all allied heroes by 10%



Effect: helps your team out.




Ability One:

Teldranis revives dead creeps that do what Teldranis tells them to do until they die.

Energy Cost: 85/100/115/130

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Range: 6 aoe of 3.5


Level 1: Can have a max of 2 creeps.

Level 2: Can have a max of 3 creeps.

Level 3: Can have a max of 4 creeps.

Level 4: Can have a max of 5 creeps.


Effect: This is a nice pushing skill that can kill your enemies towers.




Ability Two:

Teldranis buffs targets in a aoe lasts for 20 seconds.

Energy Cost: 60/70/80/90

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Range: 7 aoe of 4


Level 1: Targets gain 10% weapon damage and attack speed.

Level 2: Targets gain 15% weapon damage and attack speed.

Level 3: Targets gain 20% weapon damgae and attack speed.

Level 4: Targets gain 25% weapon damage and attack speed.


Effect: This can help your carry in early game and it helps your q and your e skill.






Ability Three:

Teldranis calls down his 2 mini colossus.

Energy Cost: 100/120/140/160

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Range: 4


Level 1: Colossus have 200(+15% of Teldranis max health) health and 20(+30% of Teldranis's attack damage) and 2 attack speed.

Level 2: Colossus have 300(+15% of Teldranis max health) health and 30(+30% of Teldranis's attack damage) and 2 attack speed.

Level 3: Colossus have 400(+15% of Teldranis max health) health and 40(+30% of Teldranis's attack damage) and 1.5 attack speed.

Level 4: Colossus have 500(+15% of Teldranis max health) health and 50(+30% of Teldranis's attack damage) and 1.5 attack speed.


Effect: This skill is for the jungling part of the hero and goes nice with his w skill.




Ultimate Ability:


Energy Cost: 150 at all levels.

Cooldown: 150 seconds.

Range: global.


Level 1:Teldranis gives all allied heroes 20% damage and 10% more weapon speed and 2% movement speed last for 4 seconds.

Level 2:Teldranis gives all allied heroes 25% damage and 15% more weapon speed and 3% movement speed last for 6 seconds.

Level 3:Teldranis gives all allied heroes 30% damage and 25% more weapon speed and 4% movement speed last for 8 seconds.


Effect: This hero was made to support your carry and help him in early game.

Note: this hero is insane with shadow. XD




Item build

:DominionStandard: :CoatofArms::TimewalkersGreaves::DarksteelTitan::ChillingArtifact::IsomorphicPyre:


Made this fast so i don't thing its the best at all.




Additional Information

This hero is good at pushing down towers and helping your teams carry out

but he can not 1v1 heroes he needs to be in a team.


good heroes he can be on the same team with are: shadow, Cain, zera, nova plus any other carry in the game.



heroes he hates vsing are any carry or any hero that can kill him fast or any her that can get him away from his team.

eg: shadow, cain, zera, nova, rory, toxi and vorp.



Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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After queen complaints. You want more pushing hero's ballzy. Ghee people go off topic way fast. Almost makes me feel removing topics my own and locking them after reposting. As how does sight turn into talk about queen ultra tower pushing when it was sight they went way off topic

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That model is the Nullifier, for the record.


It is not the old sentry model.


The Star Relic* became the ground-based Nullifier*; and then the Nullifier* was edited, then changed out for the Sentry.


A * designates when the model changed-- originally the Star Relic looked like what the Oracle does now; the Nullifier's original model is what you have there. Then, the Nullifier became the model the Sentry currently uses, before being scrapped for the Sentry.



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Heroic passive is good, gives your team slight edge. Might be must have support hero. However I see his R very hard to use like know when to use it. because u might have 1 person running from both teams. meaning useing it saves both them so it could be risk to not use it so u have chance to kill one at maybe cost losing team member. Lol are they immune to all spells and become untragetble because i can see boros and micro using this ult to pool dive. micro or boros blinks in, you ult, micro or boros grabs hero warps out ultimate ends free kill. YES HERO THAT CAN HELP WITH POOL DIVES.

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I like ver much the concept of a hard support hero, with hard I mean a hero with a complete role of support, a hero who can give buffs to allies, protect them and that things, i would suggest another ulti, your allies can't die and have debuff immunity for 4/5/6 seconds, that mean, if your allies can have a minimun of 1 hp, so you can save your allies, but that's not OP because when the effect finish, with 1 hp you must run or die in a sec

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Umm with both buffs +65% dmg and +50% attack speed and +10% move speed o_O. So with a titans manifest + 50% dmg = 115% dmg! Rofl your farmed nova more than 1000 dmg for 8 secs ummm not including crits, and rest of team +65% dmg and +50% attack speed and +10% move speed. Yeaaaaaa...

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