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Noob here!


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Hey everybody, gotta say I love aos and I'm enjoying the steep learning curve. I'd love to join an experienced clan/do ih games, but solo and pubs are quenching it for the time being. I'm on the na servers, I'm from the US. My username is UnknownX and I play best with tassadar, zerutal, and swann. Outside of the online world, I play basketball and enjoy exercising and watching UFC. I love pretty much most food (it was my first word) and pizza would probably be at the top of my list along with icecream. I'll try and edit this later to add some more, till than, thx for an amazing game and I hope to meet a lot of the other avid players out there.

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Really? I never thought of Tass to be that hard of a hero to play TBH. But anyways, welcome to the forum UnknownX

tass isnt that hard to play you just need to learn how to micro which isnt that hard (but i did have to change my hotkeys around for tass as tab changes clone ~.~)


And welcome to the forums :D

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