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[HOTS] [Hero] Yggdrasil


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Date 4/28/2013

- Began creation ^-^

Date 4/30/2013

- Nerfed E hard.


Name: Yggdrasil

Portrait: Overlord

Unit Base: Overlord [White]

Type: Carry/Support/Initiator/Counter-Initiator

Script: -insert something here cool about time travel-


Starting Stats:

Base Health – 310

Movement Speed – 2.8

Attack Range – 3

Attack Speed – 1.8

Base Damage – 55

Attack Name | Animation - Time Acid | White Acid Spray (roach attack)

Base Armor – 2

Strength – 27+(5)

Agility – 33+(7)

Intelligence – 23+(4)




Heroic Passive: Hole in Time

Yggdrasil travels through time, and finds holes within it, that teleport him 3+(0.1*LVL) units forward every 3 seconds.


Effect: Auto Blink

Every 3 seconds

Has a timer floating over his head/hull?




Ability One: Past Removal

Yggdrasil travels back in time, and wounds target foe, preventing them from attacking for a duration of time.

Energy Cost: 60,70,80,90

Cooldown: 15,12,11,10

Range: 6


Level 1: Duration is 2.5 seconds.

Level 2: Duration is 3 seconds.

Level 3: Duration is 3.5 seconds.

Level 4: Duration is 4 seconds.


Effect: Disable.

Single Target.




Ability Two: Repeation

Yggdrasil travels back in time then heads back to the current time, and repeatedly does this to create more copies of himself that have his current hp. These copies will chase after target unit until they are killed.

Energy Cost: 120,130,140,150

Cooldown: 50,45,40,35

Range: 7


Level 1: Take 400% damage, have 4.3 move speed, and deal 5% weapon damage with each attack. Doesnt proc uniques. Summons 6 of himself.

Level 2: Take 375% damage, have 4.6 move speed, and deal 7% weapon damage with each attack. Doesnt proc uniques. Summons 6 of himself.

Level 3: Take 350% damage, have 4.9 move speed, and deal 9% weapon damage with each attack. Doesnt proc uniques. Summons 6 of himself.

Level 4: Take 325% damage, have 5.2 move speed, and deal 11% weapon damage with each attack. Doesnt proc uniques. Summons 6 of himself.


Effect: Summons clones of himself.

Deal weapon damage.

Chase after target unit.

They have no unit or terrain collision.

Will chase until killed.

Doesnt proc uniques.




Ability Three: Time Warp

Yggdrasil warps time from enemy units whenever he attacks them, reducing thier timescale, and gaining some himself. Each stack lasts 30 seconds. Max of 15 stacks.

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: On Hit


Level 1: Gains -/+ 0.2% timescale.

Level 2: Gains -/+ 0.4% timescale.

Level 3: Gains -/+ 0.6% timescale.

Level 4: Gains -/+ 0.8% timescale.


Effect: Steals timescale on hit.

Stack last 20 seconds.






Ultimate Ability: Futuristic Past

Yggdrasil sends time backward, putting everybody where they where 10 seconds ago, with the everything that they had 10 seconds ago, except for this spell.

Energy Cost: 200,400,600

Cooldown: 150,120,90

Range: Global


Level 1: Cooldown is 150 seconds.

Level 2: Cooldown is 120 seconds.

Level 3: Cooldown is 90 seconds.


Effect: Sends everybody to where they were 10 seconds ago.

They will have same cd/mana/hp/debuffs/gold/exp they had at that time.

Everything on the map.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!


Honestly i couldnt find a name for this guy without making it look retarted... Any ideas?

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Ability Three: Time Warp

???? warps time from enemy units whenever he attacks them, reducing thier timescale, and gaining some himself. Each stack lasts 30 seconds. Max of 15 stacks.

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: On Hit


Level 1: Gains -/+ 3% timescale.

Level 2: Gains -/+ 4% timescale.

Level 3: Gains -/+ 5% timescale.

Level 4: Gains -/+ 6% timescale.


Effect: Steals timescale on hit.

Stack lasts 30 seconds.

Max of 15 stacks.



maye i did something wrong with the math but does it really mean to take 90%timescale after 15 attacks? ( there are also Timesplitter(15% time) and FoE ( 20% not time but movement and weaponspeed) so... after 10 hits you would be on ~25%time and ~5%movement and weaponspeed? O_o



For a name you might take Yggdrasil or something ancient :)

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His E seems very Overpowered. Timescale has a unique effect that can lower a person's attack speed cap and increase it. It does not stack linearly like Cooldown Reduction, and actually stacks multiplying.


I hope his heroic passive can be controlled. I would hate to accidently teleport into an enemy tower or just run to harass my enemy (or look threatening) suddenly to teleport near them and get plucked or something.


This hero seems like he is a support besides the steal timescale thing (which seems very over powered as it reduces channel effects as well.). There was a reason masamune got nerfed :P


His ulti just seems rather unfun. Really what you could do is that your hero builds rather tanky support. If you do this, you primarily be the last to die. Just rush into the enemy team and try to kill them. You failed? Just ulti as team battles usually don't last to long. It really gives your entire team an extra chance at something that if your entire team messes up, you deserve to die. At Level 16, i would just be like, okay guys just rush into them. If it fails, ill just ulti and we back off until its off cooldown. ect. As long as you live tho.

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I noticed E is extremely op. I will nerf it right now. Im also going to increase the ult's CD

Edit: The HP is more or less meant to be an annoyance to people playing him, because he is semi-op? You could use it to avoid combos, gank easier, and just escape stuff.

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I love his ultimate. I would not consider that op because it reverses everything. but it might break the game if like someone died. but its like you tried to gank someone and before you know it their whole team is there. reverse time run away.


first ability: 4 seconds is a long time. that's no auto attacking or casting spells and it only has a 10 sec cd. raynor silence is already op as is with a 6 sec silence and damage. that is only a 10 sec cd which my build makes it a 4 sec cdr. I would say increase the cool down to 20 sec at lvl 4.


2nd ability: way way strong your saying rank 4 your clones will do if they are all alive 209% of ur weapon damage. if they copy ur attack speed and ur max attack speed that is 418% weapon damage per second from them and 200% from you per second. add in crit build then it gets crazy. plus you can disable your target for 4 seconds. that's guaranteed dead. idea on that is drop clones to 4 clones at all levels. and they last 10 seconds or until they or their target dies. but keep their movement speed the same that way they will for sure do damage.


ability 3 is ok but it last way to long. you could keep that up 100% of the time. which would give you about 30% attack speed which can go past ur max attack speed, +2.5 movement speed, I don't even know the number for cool down reduction. your build would be, Darwin might, FOE, time splitter, masaume, yamato reactor, and the item with agility and cloaks u wen u attack every 5th time. with masamune stacked up ur passive stacked. and yamato active ur attack speed will be 0.14. your Q would probably be about 2 sec cd. and your movement speed with just masamune and ur 3rd ability would be close to 7 speed for 5 seconds when masamune wears off then about 5.5 speed till ur passive runs out but you could easy find creep to hit in that time. should make it last 2-3 seconds. with the build I just gave FOE time spliter and E u would slow enemy by 90% attack and movement. example look at pentos. his Q when active use to proc a 35% slow to movement and attack speed. that use to be op with the build I posted. now its 10% which is still strong but not as. your saying though that you are gaining time as well. so as they get slower u get faster.


as for his heroic passive im still not sure on that. its nice to move you so enemy lose target. but then it could be a weakness as you warp into a tower.

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The problem with this hero is the auto blink. Your going in to last hit the creep! Nope you miss then your chainstunned by enemy and dead.

I will nerf scaling on wep damage by~10% for second ability, and change the Q.

Also since its time scale, the more stacks you get, it should decrease the overall time of the stacks, so in reality, having a bunch of stacks wont last long because they will fade extremely fast.

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10 clones @ 11% wep dmg = 110% dmg + yourself (100%) = 210%


+ you buy contamination shard for extra 30% damage = 273% dmg per swing


+ you buy coat of arms and a dominion standard for an extra 35% wep speed = 368% effective extra damage


thats SUPER OP


+ does the heroic passive of timescale gain proc black hole magnum?


why not throw an eternal drive in their because your clones stay alive until killed you could push towers like crazy because you can constantly heal them


this is like the super version of marine king

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His H-Passive: Please have a toggle and please make it push like Shadow's strikes, or else it'll dodge all projectiles and that'll be bad :/


His Q: works for me




Everything else seems aight imo

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I did not know Yggdrasil is an overlord... I will change that right now xD.

@Nuparu The reason its to be an auto cast is to provide a higher skill level that could be mastered. Since most heroes in this game are extremely easy to play being most require 30 apm to play... Some with a higher skill ceiling are nice.

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your time scale move is still way to op with being 30% and lasting 30 seconds. and actually looking at it all. using masamune and his passive time scale his heroic passive will be like shadows stepping strikes. 4 unit blink wont matter with his fast movement speed from time and slowing the enemy. he would probably blink every 1.2 seconds give or take. when vs zera using masamune and time spliter. him and zera will be at the same time(attack speed movement speed) when in zeras ulti. in other words as when zera on same team or different team uses ulti, if he has his stacks up he can go in and melee with almost no problems

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legacy it wasn't how much time scale you got its how long it last. you should keep it around what it was but reduce how long it last to 3 seconds.


@Indo. having them attack say someone trying to run away they wont be getting attacked to die. a lot of heroes don't have aoe damage and good chance they cant one shot a clone even with the damage bonus to them. given this hero is agility base, he could easily get 80% physical resist. now lets say he has 3k hp. clone say 300% increase damage if enemy auto attack does 400 damage x 300% = 1200 damage then take 80% off being 240 damage per auto attack. that's why having 11 of them was strong. they move faster then any one could out run and with 11 on you doing 19% of his weapon damage it would be a lot of overwhelming damage since they last for ever.


which they still need a life timer. this would mean u could constantly stack them on an enemy till clones died or enemy died.

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retrofit does spelldmg sir james, when theygot that much spellresist sothat the clones tanks it all they won't have that much dmg anymore. And why would you send a non AoE hero against him then? yould be the sam like sending melee to lane against grunty, nova or raynor n co

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First, mid game you lose the choice of what ur vs when ganks are going on. 2nd doesn't the bandits artifice take like 200% or 300% increased damage see how long it takes to kill that with retrofit especially if ur not an auto attack hero. you cant think narrow minded but the whole play of the game, and multiple games. look at old tassadar when he proced clones. they didn't do much damage but because there were so many of them it stacked up a lot of damage. that's basically what this guy's ability does. and id gladly take lord Z vs nova grunty or raynor. zera too once I had bhm.

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