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Completely new to AoS-style games, have some questions


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I started playing this yesterday and have been looking at character guides to get a general idea of how to play certain characters. What I don't understand, though, is some basic gameplay tenets:


1) How are you supposed to farm? I keep seeing people mention "learn how to farm," but there appears to be no guide on what to actually do. I kill the neutral creeps and enemy creeps like everybody else but my mineral value is nearly always less than everyone else.

2) Which character would be good for me, a not-especially-twitchy video gamer? I've used Kerrigan and Grunty to varying levels of success, and while I can time my spells pretty well I feel like I don't know how to contribute most to a hero skirmish with non-spell damage.

3) How does damage work? I get True Damage but I don't understand how all other damages work.

4) Various character guides say getting a couple <800 mineral items then going for 2000+ mineral items is the way to go, yet so many people get something like 3 duran bucklers or machettes. Is the idea to not get into fights with other heroes early unless they're easy pickings?

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1. its all about "last hitting" this means doing the damage before the creep dies. try and learn how low the hp has to go so one attack kills the creep entirely and only ever attack when you think it will kill the creep completly. mastering this is hard but along as you are aware of the concept your game will improve.


2. kerrigan is good as she is tanky and can last hit and farm well. generally tally heroes like kerri and erekul are good for new players since they don't die too easily


3. true damage does the entire amount of the stated damage no matter what. spell damage is reduced by spell resist therefore it is less than what it says depending on the spell resist of the enemy. physical damage is the same as spell damage but is affected by armour.


4. only fight if you think you can win. when you get to higher levels of play you can decide when team fights will be favourable. but at the moment try to play the odds and fight when you have greater numbers ie 1v2 or 2v3


edit: ignore soed he is a well known troll

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1) Farming involves killing creeps efficiently. Heroes with plenty of AoE tend to better farming lane creeps while Heroes with more narrow targeting and some self-sustain/healing tend to be more efficient killing the neutral creep camps. It's also important to know about how low a creep has to be for you to finish them off (last-hit) so you actually get the money. Try not to just focus on a single creep and plow away at it; keep an eye out for other creeps that are getting low and switch target. Keep your attack delay in mind and, if need be, hit the 'hold fire' hotkey to conserve your attack then target the creep when you can score the kill.


2) It's kind of a twitchy game so you'll have to develop some of that sooner or later to really make a good game of it. Kerrigan is pretty good for you for now to practice, but try to work on others. I usually recommend playing each hero about 3-5 times at least. This lets you a) get to know them all and pick which one matches your playstyle best (go for playstyle, not aesthetics; just because a hero looks cool doesn't mean it's easy to use) and b) You'll see what each hero can throw at you when you're facing them and what each will bring to the table when they're on your team.


3) Physical damage is primarily from your auto-attacks. It's countered by Physical Reduction which is granted by armor primarily and certain skills. Some abilities will also deal Physical Damage (notably, Grunty's Shotgun, Balrog's leap and ult, etc). Physical Damage can potentially crit, can lifesteal, and it will trigger "on physical damage" reactions like Barbed Plating. Spell damage is primarily from abilities. Some abilities and items will also proc spell damage on top of your auto-attack. Keep in mind that the stat an ability scales with has no correlation with the type of damage it does. It's countered by Spell Resistance. Shadow's Shade ability deals Spell damage but scales with Weapon Damage. Balrog's Ult, conversely, scales with Int but deals Spell Damage. Some abilities scale with more eclectic variables such as Agi or Armor. True Damage is "unalterable" damage. There's nothing that resists it, but also nothing that boosts it (ie. if you have Argus Crystal which gives +20% Spell Damage, it won't buff True Damage such as Brawler's Plasma Beam).


4) Standard starts typically involve grabbing one of the 650 mineral "Duran's" items right from the start. Then, you'll start out with smaller items or components and work your way towards your final item set. Basically, you want to avoid "stockpiling" minerals as minerals in the bank do nothing to help you. Avoid waiting until you can afford a "whole item" and keep piecing out the components. There are other starts that involve either starting with a component item plus potions or, alternatively, stacking Duran's items (since they're rather cost-effective). Figure out whichever start works best for you; it's part of figuring out your playstyle. One thing to avoid, however, is setting a whole 6-item build in your mind right from the start of the match. I typically try to pick out about 3 "core" items for each role for each hero and leave the other 3 spots for adaptability, reacting to my own team makeup and the enemy team makeup.

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Nova is quite an easy hero to play. She has a clean attack animation which basically means its easy to farm, and she's easy to fight with, just right click the person you want to kill the the auto attack will do the work for you. The only thing about Nova is that she is very reliant on position, which means stay behind your team at all times where you can safely deal damage without receiving any.

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1. Try to optimize the best and the fastest way to gain creep kills by last hitting lane creeps and killing neutrals when your lane is on down time.


2. For beginner, you want to play every hero least for a few games and then pick a hero that you like to stick with it till you know the skills of all hero and items then processes to learn the 2nd and 3rd.


3. Physical Damage are generally your auto attack or any skill that specifically says Physical damage.


Physical Damage can be reduced by armor and physical resist items.


Spell damage are generally your skills and any item that has extra effect.


Spell damage can be reduced by spell resist.


True damage cannot be reduced.


The advertised damage is the damage you dealt on enemy. No more and no less.


4. Find your own play style and learn from experienced players or yourself.


After a while, you will find Public game isn't challenge enough then you know it's time to join Mumble to play In House.


"In House" is generally the game organized by a group of more experienced players with rules and bans.


However, you should still try to log on Mumble and get advices directly from other players.

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