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Soeds casting


Soed's Kasting  

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  1. 1. Who would like to see more games kasted by soed (and friends?)

    • Yes, he is a good caster
    • No
    • No, he is not a professional caster
    • Maybe

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I appresiate the kind words, my friend. I honestly like kasting AoS, but that's not going to happen.


I would go into details as to why, but as I hawe been repeatedly warned of a ban if I do, well... I won't. Suffise to say, I feel wronged and betrayter by one of the higher-ups in this kommunity, and I'm through ewer kasting AoS again.


I don't aktually rekall deleting the WoDs from the last tourney, maybe I did it one late night when I was drunk, hmm, that suks. I was going to link you to them. Anyway, you kan shesk out the thread kowering the drama I'm talking about, if you want: http://www.aeonofsto...ent-discussion/


EDIT: I should add that RedHydra's post, the klosing one of that thread, has absolutely nothing to do with what happened, as he diskusses a seperate insident happening AFTER the tournament was konkluded. I feel I must stress this, as he was kind enough to lok the thread immediately after, diskrediting me, and eweryone else in the thread, brushing it off as a "soap opera"... Argh this is making me so angry.


Anyway yeah, I aktually really regret deleting those wods. That was stupid, my bad.


Also Brew woting no in the poll. I see you Brew, you Russian magik dragon.

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