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Transport talent & Creep tumors


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Would it be OP if Queen could use the transport talent to teleport to a creep tumor?


I understand why you can't transport to allied heroes and spawns like Unix marines, but you can transport to allied structures and wouldn't tumors be regarded as 'structures' in this sense? I think it would compliment her playstyle (lane control/pushing), add more stategic use for the tumors (which passed the laning stage have very limited use) and stress further the importance for the enemy to remove them.


Edit - This could also extend to Garamond and his towers.

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You'd be surprised how many games I play where I placed a creep tumor in the enemy base and it stays there for a while, providing vision. With this adjustment, the danger of a backdooring queen with her ultralisk becomes very real. I like it and I don't think it's necessarily a huge buff. Like you said, it wouldn't make the hero OP cuz you already have to get TS anyway.

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