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And this is why i never want to go to U.S.


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This would not be the first time something was staged to start a war. Franz Ferdinand is believed by many to have been at least in part stood up. Why else would he be allowed to parade through Serbia, when a minimum number of police officers were on duty, in an open-topped vehicle, that was not even bullet-proof, with minimal extra security, almost on the same day as the anniversary of another assassination, where the assassin in question was widely regarded as hero by the Serbian general public. The Serbian government gave warnings to Austria-Hungary, but they were ignored, until later on, when Austria-Hungary tried to use them as a "the gov't was in on it too, and making threats" statement. Franz Ferdinand also angered his father with his marriage, to the point that his father told him that his children would never be allowed to sit the throne.... seems like Franz was not someone that his father would care overmuch about losing. The motorcade made strange and unplanned turns.... etc...... Almost as soon as the assassination was done, Austria-Hungary presented the Serbian government with a ultimatum that Serbia would never comply to, intentionally. Why? To legitimize a full-scale invasion of Serbia. Of course, I do not think they expected Russia to go all the way, or that Germany would start a full-scale war with England and France, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles........

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