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Adjusting the in-game 'tab' scoreboard


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I've been finding the tab KDA scoreboard to not be truly representative of a player's performance during the game and I'm not sure if this has been suggested before but perhaps other things need to be taken into account and displayed. A hero could have a 0/0/0 KDA but took out 4 of the 6 lane towers for example or could be excelling at minerals or XP gain or even clearing up enemy creeps.


While I know that some of these are displayed at the end of the game they are still very much if not more relevant during the game as well, so your team is aware of what that enemy hero that you haven't seen much of is up to for example.


I suggest adding at least Towers destroyed and what XP level the hero is currently at to the tab scoreboard.


Towers destroyed can be rewarded by proximity of hero to tower when it was destroyed or the time that passed since the hero last hit the tower.


Much of this suggestion stems from the impotence of the KDA system, its inability to represent many of the support heroes in the game that could be playing an important part of the team yet are misrepresented by KDA.


Again not sure if this has been suggested before so be nice.

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It should, I mean the game is won by destroying towers. Players who complete this objective should be recognized for it.


I'd go as far as suggesting announcing the name of the hero/heroes that destroyed the towers in the same fashion hero kills and assists are announced. (Example: Hero X of the Protoss has destroyed a Zerg tower. Assists: Hero Y, Hero Z)


If you think about it, why shouldn't towers be regarded in the same league as heroes if not more? Perhaps even the bounty on towers increase with each tier. Tier 1 providing 200, tier 2 250, and tier 3 300 with an extra 50 for the heroes that got the last hits.


This is a different topic though.

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I like ur idea on having the towers be worth more minerals as well as the person to get the last hit get extra minerals for higher teir. but I would rather it not say that a tower was killed. ruins the back dooring. as in don't say it like when u kill a hero. them keep track of who killed I like.

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