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[Hero] Nuclear.Abomination


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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Nuclear.Abomination

Portrait: Terran Marine (skull face)

Unit Base: Marine, with a fume effect

Type: DPS-Tank

Script: The nuclear abomination that is now experienced was once a normal scientist, but with flaws. He had planned out the next stage of biowarfare, but his lack of preparation and realization of the ability of his own poison changed him. The DNA in him changed... he had become a living bioweapon. Scientists trapped him in a marine suit to prevent his poison from spreading uncontrollably, and are testing him in the Sanctum.


Starting Stats:

Base Health – 240

Movement Speed – 3.1

Attack Range – 4

Attack Speed – 1.7

Base Damage – 60

Attack Name | Animation - Poisoned Gun / Green Spikes... like hydras.

Base Armor – 9

Strength – 22 (+9) (Primary)

Agility – 14 (+5)

Intelligence – 21 (+6)




Heroic Passive: Toxic Radiation

"The nuclear abomination poisons nearby targets. Enemies attacked by the abomination take double damage from the radiation."


Effect: Nearby targets take (level + 10) + (+10% INT) damage every 2 seconds. Enemies attacked by the Abomination take double damage.




Ability One: Toxic Beam

"The nuclear abomination shoots a laser of poison. All targets hit take damage over time, for five seconds."

Energy Cost: 100/120/140/160


Range: 5 range.


Level 1: Targets take 20 (+10% INT) damage every second.

Level 2: Targets take 40 (+10% INT) damage every second.

Level 3: Targets take 60 (+10% INT) damage every second.

Level 4: Targets take 80 (+10% INT) damage every second.


Effect: A giant poisoned laser. Damage over time. What can't go wrong? Oh wait, 50% INT scaling.




Ability Two: Concentration

"The poison levels increase in the area for 5 seconds."

Energy Cost: 40/45/50/55

Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Range: Self


Level 1: People take 5 (+10% INT) extra damage.

Level 2: People take 5 (+15% INT) extra damage.

Level 3: People take 5 (+20% INT) extra damage.

Level 4: People take 5 (+25% INT) extra damage.


Effect: Makes his Heroic Passive deal additional damage.




Ability Three: Terrorize

"The abomination reveals himself, revealing a nightmare inside his helmet, stunning opponents."

Energy Cost: 70/80/90/100

Cooldown: 22 seconds

Range: 4 unit cone (in target direction)


Level 1: Stuns for 1.2 seconds, deals 40 (+20% INT) damage.

Level 2: Stuns for 1.4 seconds, deals 60 (+20% INT) damage.

Level 3: Stuns for 1.6 seconds, deals 80 (+20% INT) damage.

Level 4: Stuns for 1.8 seconds, deals 100 (+20% INT) damage.


Effect: Crowd control with some tinge of damage added to it.




Ultimate Ability: Fallout

"The radiation increases to extreme levels and the poison of the abomination is increased massively for about 10 seconds."

Energy Cost: 100/150/200

Cooldown: 100/80/60

Range: Self


Passive: The range is increased on his Heroic Passive by 1 unit per level into this spell. It starts at 2 units.


Level 1: The radiation does double damage. His attack amplifies Physical and Spell Damage by 10%.

Level 2: The radiation does triple damage. His attack amplifies Physical and Spell Damage by 15%.

Level 3: The radiation does quadruple damage. His attack amplifies Physical and Spell Damage by 20%.


Effect: Makes his entire skillset that much better. (It doesn't affect his added INT damage on the other spell either >.>)




Additional Information


[Coming soon]




Closing statement

Later, my friends, this will be better.

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