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Jakk's weapon change


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Hello, I'm quite new to the game, so excuse me if I'm saying anything stupid


Thing is, I loved Jakk's guerilla playstyle and I'm maining him for the moment. He can be a good overall character, but I think it takes too long for him to swap weapons and this makes a HUGE difference in the game when he's a relatively squishy character. Not only that, he resets when the change occurs, auto attacking the nearest enemy. Losing the target in the middle of a big battle can be costly. Between stuns and silencing, that second was enough for me to die or lose a kill shot


I've seen some threads saying he could use a buff. I think lowering the delay would be more than enough to make him more powerful, with keeping his target when changing a little extra

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I know what you mean, at first its a bit of a headache but you learn to adjust, plan your moves out a little better as you go. It would be kinda cheap without the deley as you could use you +MS with grenades easily and then swap laser and stun again swapping right back to grenades to move super fast again. As of now i think the timing work well with eachother.

Yomato could help you in this if you are having issues, if that was the buff you were referring to.

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