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[Hero] Energize.Force


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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Energized.Force

Portrait: Archon

Unit Base: Archon

Type: INT [Caster//Support]



Starting Stats:

Base Health 200

Movement Speed – 2.65

Attack Range – 3.5

Attack Speed – 1.9

Base Damage – 51

Attack Name | Animation - Energy Blast

Base Armor 4

Strength – 29 + [6]

Agility – 12 + [3]

Intelligence – 29 + [7]




Heroic Passive: Energy Form

"Energize has transfered his organic state into a state of pure energy. Because of this, he uses Health for his abilities, and whenever he takes Damage, he loses Energy Instead. When Energize's energy hits 0, he will die. Energized passively gains +250 Energy as well."


Effect: Just imagine swapping his Energy with Health and his Health with Energy. This means if he has 2000 HP and 1500 Energy that means he can take 1500 Damage, and cast abilities up to 2000 worth of Health.




Ability One: Static Shock

"Shoot a pulse of energy down in a straight line. The Pulse of energy can hit up to 4 targets, dealing 20% less damage per target is passes, dealing a minumum of 40% the Spell Damage. Enemies hit lose 35% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds. This ability requires a 0.4 second Channel."

Health Cost: 70//80//90//100

Cooldown: 8//7//6//5

Range: 7


[Overload Effect]: Grants +5 Range on ability. Hit enemies lose 60% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds instead.


Level 1: Deals 60[+100%STR] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deals 110[+100%STR] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deals 160[+100%STR] Spell Damage.

Level 4: Deals 210[+100%STR] Spell Damage.


Effect: Projectile travels very very fast at the speed of 15




Ability Two: Overload

"When Energize deals Spell Damage with his abilities, it applies an Overload debuff on the enemy which lasts up to 12 seconds. If an enemy gains 5 Overload debuffs, they will be stunned for a short duration and take Spell damage, consuming all 5 Overload debuffs and reapplying 1 back on the enemy. In addition, this ability is Toggable, to use a massive amount of Health per second to amplify abilities and gain Cooldown reduction as well as amplified spell abilities, while also dealing Bonus Spell Damage per basic attack. Energize will also apply one Overload debuff on enemies that he attacks 3 times in a row."

Health Cost: 10//9//8//7% Maximum Health per second.

Cooldown: Toggle [1 second]

Range: None


Level 1: Stuns 0.80 seconds. Deals 60[+60%STR] Spell Damage. Overload Toggle on Grants +10% Physical and Spell Resistance and +5% Cooldown Reduction. Bonus 10[+20%STR] Spell Damage per basic attack.

Level 2: Stuns 0.95 seconds. Deals 80[+60%STR] Spell Damage. Overload Toggle on Grants +15% Physical and Spell Resistance and +10% Cooldown Reduction. Bonus 15[+25%STR] Spell Damage per basic attack.

Level 3: Stuns 1.10 seconds. Deals 100[+60%STR] Spell Damage. Overload Toggle on Grants +20% Physical and Spell Resistance and +15% Cooldown Reduction. Bonus 20[+30%STR] Spell Damage per basic attack.

Level 4: Stuns 1.25 seconds. Deals 120[+60%STR] Spell Damage. Overload Toggle on Grants +25% Physical and Spell Resistance and +20% Cooldown Reduction. Bonus 25[+35%STR] Spell Damage per basic attack.


Effect: Good if you can get a chain of abilities off on your enemy. Activating is very good during an important team battle, but rapidly drains energy. Only use it if it is a must need use. Energize also applies one Overload buff if he attacks the same target three times. If he hasn't attacked the target a second or third time within 12 seconds, they will start over again.




Ability Three: Psionic Shockwave

"Energize blasts an area with energy causing massive Spell Damage in a 3-unit Radius after a 1 second delay. Takes 0.7 second channel. If Energize doesn't hit any enemies with this ability, the cooldown is reduced by half."

Health Cost: 60//80//100//120

Cooldown: 18//16//14//12

Range: 8


[Overload Effect]: Grants +2 Range on Ability. Ability's Channel time will be reduce to 0 and will also apply two stacks of Overload Debuff instead of one.


Level 1: Deals 80[+150%STR] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deals 150[+150%STR] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deals 220[+150%STR] Spell Damage.

Level 4: Deals 290[+150%STR] Spell Damage.


Effect: Great Harassment. A little hard to hit, but if you got the channel part down, it is fairly hard to dodge since it is only a 1 sec delay after that. Regardless, if you miss, it is still fairly spammable and deals a lot of damage.




Ultimate Ability: Storm Surge

"Energize causes a swirl of eletrical energy to surround him eletricuting enemies near him. This causes enemies in a 5-unit Radius of energize to take spell damage per second. Storm Surge lasts 5 seconds all levels. Overload Debuff will apply every single second if [W] ability is leveled up."

Health Cost: 250//375//500

Cooldown: 130//120//110

Range: 5


[Overload Effect]: Grants +35% Movement Speed for Energize during Storm Surge.


Level 1: Deals 50[+35%STR] Spell Damage per second.

Level 2: Deals 75[+35%STR] Spell Damage per second.

Level 3: Deals 100[+35%STR] Spell Damage per second.


Effect: If you can get enemies to stay in your ulti for 5 seconds, you can successfully stun all of them if they didn't have debuff immunity. In addition, if they escape with 4 debuffs on them, just use one of your other abilities to stun them.




Additional Information


This hero works very different to normal casters. It is basicly as if INT and STR are swapped for him compared to other heroes, so his item build can be a little funky. I suggest going more Support tanky caster, and go:

---> Ihan Crystal [First item sell later after Pendant]

Not in order:

---> Nitrogen Retrofit [Health to use for abilities and INT for Health, also slows enemies]

---> Gravity Edge [Convert spell damage to true damage, and gives a lot of Energy so you can be more tanky]

---> Silver soul [Team Speed + Spell Resist + Energy to tank more damage]

---> Chilling Artifact [slow enemy Auto-attacks and grants armor for physical resistance. Gives a lot of energy to be more tanky and gives cooldown reduction]

---> Organic Carapace [increase your Spell Damage by quite a bit. Also, if you haven't taken damage in a while, it rapidly restores health which can be used to reactivate your Overload as it drains Health quickly.

---> Argus Crystal [Massive amount of Health and gives decent Spell Amp]

Other Items:

Shrapnel Cloak [Armor, spell resist, energy for tankyness and good Active

Kinetic Battery [support team, restores a decent amount of energy instant which can be useful]

Lifetech [Restore a large portion of Health if you run low and provides decent amount of Health and Spell Resistance]


Auto-Attack is also decent on this hero because he gains Health for INT and also Damage:

[Not in Order]

---> Shrink Ray [Attack Speed, more tanky, unique, and more damage]

---> Shadowmourne [More tanky, unique, attack speed, also crit]

---> StarFury [Attack Speed, unique, slightly more tanky]

---> Gravity Edge [A lot more damage, unique, more tanky]

---> Nitrogen Retrofit [slow (with abilities and Auto-attacks on overdrive), more Health for abilities,

---> Cerebros [More tanky, and Crit]

With Auto-attack remember that you can stun enemies with about 15 auto-attacks or less [if you used abilities]. If you go auto-attack with this build, you should be fairly tanky being able to take about 4500 Damage. Weakness is lacking Physical and Spell Resistance then.


Suggested Talents: For Support tanky caster :P Auto-attack would be a different talents.

- +5% Spell Damage [Cunning]

- +2.3 Health Regen [uh, idk]

- +230 Energy [Youth]

- +6 Armor [integrity[

- +11% Movement Speed [Zeal]

- +6% Movement Speed [swiftness]


Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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ok abilities and all, I didn't read all of it word by word like I normally do but I can already say using his health to cast and energy as health is going to be a major nerf for health on him. you get 10 health per 1 str and 7 energy for 1 intel. as well as they only do intel or weapon damage for pretty much all the spells now. they are not going back to the +25% str or agility. so that needs to be changed. once it is ill come back and read it.

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