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Clan v. Clan Matches


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Clan Axis has played a series of fun, competitive IH matches vs Clan |AOS| (special thanks to Gladiator for helping coordinate).


Are there any other clans out there who would like to arrange regular IH's with us? Aside from those we already regularly play on mumble?


Even if you have a party of 5 and you want to play an IH, just message me (Neurotic #220) or Gladiator and we'd be happy to get some IH's going and even help give legitimacy to your clan/group.

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I recommend u to register at AoS Clan Ladder http://www.aeonofsto...os-clan-ladder/ what whole idea is about what ur saying.


If ur clan have so many members, u can make diffrent divisions for example A,B,C, Japan, African, EU, NA, etc just for example, thats no problem.


Anyway gl


Yea, I've read your post. Mine was referring to a more daily occurrence. The best way to actually cultivate a clan v clan environment is to get the clans to know each other and develop rivalries outside of heavily structured competition. That said, I was going to develop a site that would host the ladder and clan leaderboard - but I want to get at least 4 active clans on board first, which means helping to get them set up themselves :)


Thanks for what you're doing btw - it'll really help the community grow !

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Clan lAOSl is on board all the way. I know BSL has enough members and a few good players too, I can get you in touch with their leader if you'd like.


We had an IH vs Clan GIEK earlier today and that was pretty fun, although not as competitive as some of the other IH's I've played, they are wanting to up their game by playing tougher competition so maybe this will interest them as well. (I can get you in touch with them also)


Thanks again for the games Neuro

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