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[Database] Infernal.Mandrake [1.98]


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Name: Infernal.Mandrake

Portrait: Hydralisk

Unit Base: Hydralisk

Type: Str

Alignment: Neutral

Script: Once rooted in the fiery depths of a sun, a solar flare ejected the infernal mandrake onto land. With a subsistence that once depended on the intense flames of a star, he now roams the land seeking sources of heat to fuel his dying form.


The mandrake is a creature native to stars, but can sometimes be found residing within the cores of planets, where the intense heat is an adequate habitat for the beast


Starting Stats:

Base Health – 250

Movement Speed – 2.80

Attack Range – 1.25

Attack Speed – 1.9

Base Damage – 50

Base Armor – 3

Strength –39+ [8] Primary

Agility – 20+ [2]

Intelligence – 31+ [5]

[These base stats are from what Level 1 Drake would be with no talents or items]




Heroic Passive [Fan the flames]

"Mandrake gains +2 Strength for every hero kill and assist "





[Q] Molten Lance

"Mandrake deals Spell Damage to enemies in a target area, then pulls all units in the line of fire towards himself"


Level 1: Deal 60 (+75% INT) Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deal 120 (+75% INT) Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deal 180 (+75% INT) Spell Damage.

Level 4: Deal 240 (+75% INT) Spell Damage.


Energy Cost: 90//110//130//150

Cooldown: 18//17//16//15

Range: 7/8/9/10





Martyr(toggle) [W]

"Mandrake expels intense heat, dealing Spell Damage each second to both himself and nearby enemies, while boosting his movement speed by 10%"


Level 1: Burns for 30 [+1% of your Maximum Health] Spell damage.

Level 2: Burns for 50 [+1% of your Maximum Health] Spell damage.

Level 3: Burns for 70 [+1% of your Maximum Health] Spell damage.

Level 4: Burns for 90 [+1% of your Maximum Health] Spell damage.


Energy Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Range: self






Molten Armor (passive) [E]

"Mandrake gains bonus Spell Resist, If an enemy attacks the Mandrake within a 3 unit range they are burned for 4 seconds. Burned units take Spell Damage per second."


Level 1: Gains +8% Spell Resist, 10 Spell Damage per second

Level 2: Gains +12% Spell Resist, 20 Spell Damage per second

Level 3: Gains +16% Spell Resist, 30 Spell Damage per second

Level 4: Gains +20% Spell Resist, 40 Spell Damage per second


Energy Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Range: 3





Epilogue [R]

"Mandrake detonates himself, dealing massive Spell Damage to nearby enemies. Damaged enemies are sent Airborne for 1.25 seconds, and lose 50% Movement Speed for 3 seconds Mandrake remains buried for 5 seconds, regenerating 10% of his maximum Health and Energy per second"


Level 1: Deals 300 (+100% INT) Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deals 450 (+100% INT) Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deals 600 (+100% INT) Spell Damage.


Energy Cost: 160//230//300

Cooldown: 160//140//120

Range: Self

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