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[Database] Ironhide.Cain [1.98]


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Name: Ironhide.Cain

Portrait: Marauder

Unit Base: Marauder

Type: Str

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Script: Hammer securities ´ace pilot, Cain survives a life of military accomplishment and casual fame. But such trivial hallmarks to fortune are but a small drop in his delusions of grandeur. He wants more than this.


His signature weapon, a modified 5/4 Armored Infantry Suit blasts enemies with nitrogen round that freeze enemies in their tracks. His latest upgrade / the Temporal Round, fires bullets that defy time itself.


Starting Stats:

Base Health – 270

Movement Speed – 2.80

Attack Range – 5

Attack Speed – 1.7

Base Damage – 50

Base Armor – 6

Strength –36+ [6] Primary

Agility – 26+ [5]

Intelligence – 28+ [4]

[These base stats are from what Level 1 Cain would be with no talents or items]





Heroic Passive [Cold Shot]

"Every 6 seconds, Ironhide´s next attack Slows enemies in the area 50% for 1.6 seconds "





[Q] Nitrogen Round

"Ironhide fires a Nitrogen Round in a target direction, exploding on the first enemy it hits, and freezing nearby enemies. Frozen enemies take Spell Damage are then stunned for several seconds, or up until it takes enough damage to break the ice."


Level 1: Deal 50 (+25% INT) Spell Damage. 100 (+25% INT) Damage to break 1.8 second stun.

Level 2: Deal 80 (+25% INT) Spell Damage. 200 (+25% INT) Damage to break 2.3 second stun.

Level 3: Deal 110 (+25% INT) Spell Damage. 300 (+25% INT) Damage to break 2.8 second stun.

Level 4: Deal 140 (+25% INT) Spell Damage. 400 (+25% INT) Damage to break 3.3 second stun.


Energy Cost: 65//80//95//110

Cooldown: 16//15//14//13

Range: Self




Frostbite(passive) [W]

"Each attack applies a stack of Frostbite on the target that lasts 6 seconds, stacking up to 8 times. Ironhide's attacks deal an additional Spell Damage per stack of Frostbite on the target"


Level 1: Deals 10 Spell Damage per stack.

Level 2: Deals 15 Spell Damage per stack.

Level 3: Deals 20 Spell Damage per stack.

Level 4: Deals 25 Spell Damage per stack.


Energy Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Range: Self





Barrage [E]

"Ironhide gains maximum Weapon Speed for several attacks, or 15 seconds"


Level 1: Lasts 3 attacks.

Level 2: Lasts 4 attacks.

Level 3: Lasts 5 attacks.

Level 4: Lasts 6 attacks.


Energy Cost: 45//55//65//75

Cooldown: 12

Range: 3




Temporal Fate [R]

"When activated, for up to 10 seconds, Ironhide's attack projectiles will move 90% slower and deal additional Spell Damage. When deactivated, all projectiles return to their normal speeds."


Level 1: Projectiles deal 55 (+35 % INT) bonus Spell Damage.

Level 2: Projectiles deal 95 (+35 % INT) bonus Spell Damage.

Level 3: Projectiles deal 135 (+35 % INT) bonus Spell Damage.


Energy Cost: 15

Cooldown: 60/45/30

Range: Self

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