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Eternal Drive... pretty weak.


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I think Eternal Drive is weak. No one gets it in pubs, which would be expected for an item of this nature, but no one gets in in inhouses, either. People get Korhal more than this item, lol. It gives health way to slowly, AND it scales with everyone's health, not your own, so it wouldn't matter if it is being held by a tank or not.




Item info:



Eternal Drive


Recipe Cost 900

Total Cost 2800

Required Items: SpaceBattery.png Sustainer-1.png MinersGogglesMini.png


+430 Health

+15 Weapon Damage


[unique] You and nearby allies gain +5 health regen and +1.5 energy regen.


[Active] heal nearby allies in a 10-unit radius for 20% of the maximum health over 15 seconds. 60 second cooldown.



Proposed Changes:


-Make active Heal nearby allies in a 10 unit radius for 20% of your maximum hp over 15 seconds with a 60 Second Cooldown. So if a tank is holding it, the regen of nearby, less tanky heroes will be way better.


-Keep it as is, but at least make it heal faster, and decrease cooldown a bit. Perhaps over 8 seconds, 50 second cooldown.


Otherwise, this item is just weak. As is, 1.25% max hp per second is just..... barely helpful. On a 2000 hp hero, it is 25 (+ another 5 from unique) health regen per second. aka, you can leech more with just a leeching saber and moderate DPS.

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1) you should remove the colors from the item database quote and note that it gives 430 Health now

2) I think it needs a minor buff, from 15 to 10 second duration. It is a powerful item though 'invisible' like most other aura items.


tbh I get it if I/team have small energy problems and/or weak to pokse and I need to be tankier. It builds out of Miner's Goggles which makes it a pretty good item (in fact, I like all the items that the 5MP10s items build into except for HoM and that's because I don't play aa-carries).


Also, maybe a price lowering; from 2800/900 to 2500/600 would be very beneficial as well; maybe upping the passive aura to 6/2 Health/Energy


So to summarize my thoughts:

-Reduce time it takes for heal to be done from 15 to 10 seconds

-Decrease cost by 300 minerals

-Increase Aura's Health Regen by 1 and Energy Regen by 0.5


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The suggestion I did would solve the problem



Total cost: 2525

- Sustainer-1.png: 575

- MinersGogglesMini.png: 800

- CrystalBark.png: 750

- Recipe cost: 400


- 450 Health

- 3 Armor


[unique] You and nearby allies in a 10-unit radius gain 5 Health Regeneration and 5 Armor.


[Active] Heals 350 (+50% INT) Health and gives 5 Armor to yourself and nearby allies in a 10-unit radius for 15 seconds. 60 second cooldown.



That just would be directly massive (not sure if that massive lol could be reworked) AoE heal in a teamfight, and a decent armor boost, that should be something to take in considereation for teamfights due to the int scaling, heroes like rory, jackson, egon, geneva etc would be able to buy it and boost the heal (specially Egon when he is on drugs)


If it's still weak it could be added +10% maximun health or anything else

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The problem is heal is too slow (15sec sic!). I dont like it changing it to heal maximum hp of urself cause this item should be support item (for example item for egon, rory etc, tanks needs true tank items). Also i feel item being too expensive for support/heal item, maybe if it would give user more beneficial stats (some hp/arm). Heal/regen items should have strong timings in early game pushing and help u to fight vs heavy nuke/burst type compositions (but it doesnt work cause u have heal over ridiciously long time period, so its better to take other items). In short comparision and explanation: burst aoe heal good vs burst nuke, burst heal vs dps (helps but u will still lose if u keep fighting), heal per second? vs dps (u will be outdpsed).


This could be solved by adding some burst heal value for early timings (like 250-300 heal) + shortening time for max% heal (from 15 to 10 or 8sec) also lowering the price or adding more beneficial stats (+5 arm for example) then this item would be very strong.

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actually im gonna hafta agree with soed here (not to the "hands down best team item" degree, but its definitely up there). maybe the price point is a bit high as it would fit in the meta as an aeon fight item, and usually aeon fight happens right as korhal is bought - so a team getting korhal would have advantage over one getting eternal drive, as they would have a complete support item whereas other team would not...


i'll start pushing in it inhouse and see what happens. i think its simply not bought because its been forgotten - as you could start wealth and rush the item

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When I played I encouraged the purchase of the item all the time, and us in John+4 pretty much came to the conclusion that ED is a must-have item, the earlier the better. I don't know what that's worth, I'm just saying. You guys need to seriously consider it :) Korhal adds less as well, Whale, so I'm not sure where you're going with that example. The math is pretty simply, Korhals adds what, single digit armor/spell resist in aura, right? In other words less than 20% EHP, which is what ED gives.


Provided you are talking really flobing early in the game teamfight, where the full 15 seconds of the ED may not be utilised, because people simply die too fast, and the fight will be over, then I agree - I just don't know when "Korhal is bought", so maybe you're essentially saying the same thing.


ED should be rushed on a support or initiator hero every game, in my opinion. Micro with ED is wicked, Drake with ED is also baller, but as AoS people like building OMG GOTTA TANK on their initiators, I guess it makes more sense to you guys to have it on the support in the safelane.

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What's a support? These kids like Brenda nowadays. Back in my day Brenda had a rough life. O wait on topic... I got that thing on Vespus when Soede was raping me in that ih. I just waited for them to AoE my team, activated it and ran around in circles with my ulti. Everyone got back a decent amount of life back while I right clicked that pool.

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Time ago I got him. It is good suppor item. Maybe that 15 WD makes non sense but it is not annoying neither.


You can never priorize an aura item thinking in yourself. It is always better to think as team, if you have a captain or you are. You have to know who have to buy what and when for team. Being aura item or an individual item where team can get advantage.



Aura Items with Positive Buffs for team:


Korhal Vanguard.


Spell Buffer.


Eternal Drive.


Dominion Standard.


Coat of Arms.




Silver Soul.


Space Battery.



I Suppose Space and Sustainer don't stack with Kinetic and Eternal.


Kinetic Battery.

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I´ve experimented with this thing since it started...but being a pub player coordinating the heals....hell most ppl dont even value them to keep close for a healing...

the effect is still cool though BUT it does so little for the carrier itself....either make it give better stats for the carrier and/or build onto something else....I always thought the idea someone gave of getting drive and kinetic to combine into a late game viable item to be cool and fitting...that way you can still use support items like this but get more effect, better stats and only use 1 item slot compared to this and battery.


i propose at least to give some general stats(intel, str, agi)...so that being a first item or second with battery whichever char that gets this items doesnt feel its sacrificing that much of its main stat....I´m not saying "I wanna get this as jeneva so give me a nitro worth of intel" lol that would be op...but dunno...15 each stat maybe? goo all around item for the team AND the carrier....so being pure support early game doesnt have to equal to sucking balls just saying...


if an intel support buys EDrive it screws the mana base and the int scaling of the spells....as well as making last hitting creeps harder

if a tanky hero wants to buy KBattery on the other hand it finds the same tradeoff....losing tankyness/strength potential for a mana base for himself and a teammate


battery gives agi curiously considering most agi heroes benefit from infinite mana but will likelly NEVER buy this item...so...ED and KB should give at least intel and strenght to incentivate support characters to buy them and feel like natural to them...like the item also helps them to progress instead of just buying it sacrificing yourself for the team

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